Workers Shut Down CAC Headquarter in Abuja

Photo: Main Entrance to CAC

The staff union of the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, in Abuja

Holds a peaceful demonstration in front of the commission’s  headquarters exactly 10am Friday morning. According to available reports the union place the entire building on lock and key from Monday 17th  2017. Shutting  down of the complex has put on hold all business activities at the commission’s headquarters as the  strike is bordering over alleged non-payment of salary arrears.

The chairman of the staff union, Ibrahim Kirfi, alleged that the management of CAC defaulted in the payment of salary arrears.

Mr. Kirfi told the News Men that the strike was due to non-implementation of salary arrears agreement on huge disparity between the executive and non-executive staff.

He said it was necessary for the management to pay the arrears from January 2014 to date, adding that if the demands were not met the strike will continue.

Mr. Kirfi said the industrial disharmony between the management and staff dated back to October 2013, when former President Goodluck Jonathan announced an increase in emoluments of staff by 53.37 per cent relativity pay.

Photo: the branch chairman Mr Ibrahim Kirfi during press briefing 

According to him, the agreement has been reached that an increase of 15 per cent and 35 per cent be made in favour of the executive and non-executive staff.

“In February this year, we were on strike on the same issue; a meeting was called at the Ministry’s permanent secretary’ s office, adding at the end of the deliberation, it was agreed that the arears be paid and the disparity would be bridged within three months.

“The termination of the three months was May 2017, before the expiration of the three months, the union did issue a reminder letter to the management and also copied the permanent secretary and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment.

“We issued another ultimatum to commence strike; this strike will have commenced June 12 but on May 31, The Minister of Labour and Productivity called for a meeting and said the needful will be done and that the planned strike be called off and we agreed.

“A committee was formed consisting of the management, union members and representative from our mother ministry, to work out modalities on how to bring solution to the pending issues.

“We initially wanted to get our money 100 per cent but we were told after the deliberation by the management that we can only get pension as a leadway, we agreed.

“Out of nine per cent, we were told we can only get five per cent directly and four per cent will go to our pension and we still agreed for peace to reign,” Mr. Kirfi said.

According to him, the committee went back to the Ministry of Labour and Productivity on June 2.

He said that all parties agreed to the committee reports and later decided an MoU should be drafted to back up the agreement.

He also said that both parties signed and the ministry of labour also signed on the ground that there would be an immediate commencement of the payment.

“They promised that on June 23, they will commence payment; since then nothing has been done on the payment of the arrears,” he added.

In the memo handed over to conscience  radio, the union also condemned the award of fictitious contracts ranging from:

Awarding of an ending car park project with the initial sum of N250,000,000.00 to complete. However, the said contract was reviewed to almost 1billion as at 2017.

Award of contract of Executive elevator at Head office for almost N300,000,000.00 which was also queried and rejected by the former director Internal Audit on ground of extravagance.

Inflated contracts in state offices ranging from N300 million and the fencing of less than 100sq meter land goes for N16.5 million in each state offices.

Fraudulent award of contact office organogram in the sum of over N25million

Construction of a small water fountain at FCT office, Zone 5 for almost N5 million.

Use of Government fund to finance inverter project in the Registrar General’s Personal house in Abuja at the cost of almost N10 million.

In-view of the above, the union are requesting for the:

The immediate sack of the entire Management of the Commission for sanity and industrial peace

Setting up of an Interim Management by the Federal Government to re-organize the commission’s operation in order to promote genuine Ease of doing business in Nigeria.

The Anti-corruption Agencies and Civil Society Groups such as Campaign Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL), Campaign for Democratic and Workers Right (CDWR) etc should intervene in  fictitious contracts in the Commission in the past years.

All submitted agreement should be implemented as a condition for calling off the industrial action. The peaceful demonstration however went successfully.


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