Women Expose How Some Professors in University of South Africa Sleep With Women in Their Office




Gugulethu Ncube

While the rest of the world is progressing towards the reconstruction of feminism, the University of South Africa has chosen not only to be a patriarchy but also to be a safe haven of men who abuse women.

Late 2017 l was chatting with one UNISA professor who immediately made me angry when he bragged about how he have sex with 18 years old in his office. Little did l know that l will be one day a victim of UNISA office sex scandals.
When l got a job as the acting principal of UNISA centre for early childhood l rejoiced, unknowing that one of the board members Mr Mhlava Edward Shibambu was seeing not only an employee, but also a woman that he could use as an object to feel powerful.
Since the 13th of January 2018 l have been blackmailed by this monster called Mhlava Shibambu into having sex with him to stay in my job. Being a single mother l am who sorely depends on her salary, l was afraid to report. For a week or two l was an office sex slave who was blackmailed into playing this happily loved woman. l was supposed to call, sms, chat and behave like a loved and loving woman. I was directly forced to send messages and responses that were not of my making. Sometimes he would draft a message for me and instruct me to send it to someone as if it was coming from me. Since pretending is not what l am great at, l wasn’t going to keep doing it for long.

I resorted to reporting the matter to Dr James Hadji Mutambuli who is the board chairman. Dr Hadji told me that l am an adult and must sort out my issues with Mr Shibambu. This didn’t even scare Mr Shibambu because he is best friend to Dr Hadji and Dr Hadji had to do everything to protect his friend, Mr Shibambu.

In the bid to stop me from speaking out about how l have been Mr Shibambu’s victim, Dr Hadji dismissed me unfairly citing that l had resigned. I asked him to show me that so called resignation that l wrote, he couldn’t produce it. In search for this letter that l supposedly wrote, l demanded the reasons for my termination from the HR, Erna Portgieter. Erna confirmed that indeed she didn’t have any resignation from me. She further confirmed that she acted upon an instruction to terminate me that was issued to her by Dr Hadji.

I then decided to escalate my complaint to the Vice Chancellor of UNISA, Professor Mandla Makhanya. I was shocked by his response saying that he had nothing to do with what was happening at the UNISA center for early childhood education (UCECE). When l asked him how that was since my staff card says l am a UNISA staff member and it gives me access to all UNISA campuses across South Africa, l never got any response. I also asked why UNISA and UCECE had one payroll while they were two different institutions, l was never answered. I further asked what UNISA’s interest was in UCECE because the board chairman was delegated by UNISA to represent UNISA in the UCECE board, UCECEis in the premises of UNISA and does not pay for any facilities that are used which include the UNISA domain, still l never got any response from the VC. This left me wondering at how many women are being sexually, emotionally, psychologically harassed by ‘men of power’ at UNISA and they are regarded as insane.

To UNISA management, you are such a disgrace to the Higher Education Department and to the world at large. For an institution as big as UNISA and as known as UNISA to cover up for and protect men who still believe in sexually harassing women at work, intimidate and bully women and openly violate the human rights is a shame. It is a shame not only to UNISA, but also to South Africa, Africa and even more the said politicians that are protecting the perpetrators.

For Dr Socikwa to stand up and lie in front of more than 1000 people and say the perpetrators had been suspended while not even a single thing had been done, is a shame to womanhood and UNISA as a higher learning institution. Actually, it’s a betrayal to the process of reclaiming feminism!

I hope other higher learning institutions will stand up to fight, protect and uphold women’s rights because they are human rights.
#Reclaiming feminism. Down with bullying of women anywhere!!!!

Photo: Mhlava Edward Shibambu

The second woman identified as Faith Tshabalala had this to say on women abuse taking place at UNISA.

“Yoo!???this is shocking. I also experience bullying, intimidation and harassment without protection from UNISA management. UNISA is not a safe environment to work at, our human rights are violated. Women are treated as animal at UNISA. Let us fight this monster by being strong, courageous and remained focused. I was also harassed by NEHAWU executive members during working hours. I reported the matter to Professor Temane (lodge a Complaint against the perpetrator), but, the was no help. I then lodged a grievance  with the assistance of APSA and they escalated it to the VC, still there was no help? I continued to be a laughing stock in front of my colleagues… it is even shocking when woman like Mrs IP Mohasoa rises against me without a cause. Seeing her supporting these monsters is shocking?…
I opened a cases at Sunnyside police station and at the Magistrate Court, but it didn’t not help. I guess UNISA might be involved…During these difficult times, I only find my strength in the Lord”.

Also responding to the first writer, this third woman only identified as Anna Lefatse expressed her anger and disappointment at how the University was not valuing women’s rights as human rights. She was quoted saying:

“What u r experiencing is what am experiencing and the senior male who is the perpetrator continues to intimidate me?.The person went as far as crossing my face with a marker in department photos and removed my articles on department corridors. I fear for my life. Thank you guys for starting this initiative??&Gugu God knows the truth and Justice will b served. I told the Director of the college and so far nothing has been done to investigate the matter cause the male is in power and is being protected l am just a junior”.

As if this was not enough, the UNISA professor who is also the HOD for psychology, Professor Daniel Nkoli Tlale was caught unexpectedly bragging about having sex in the office with 18 years old and how much he hates white people. Our journalist based in South Africa had the following chat with the nutty professor.

[12/2, 20:35] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: It feels nice with eighteen year olds at work
[12/2, 20:36] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: But I promise you that I will stop it
[12/2, 20:36] G.W.: Ok. M happy for u. And thank you for letting me know.
[12/2, 20:36] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: I am being truthful.
[12/2, 20:37] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: And I won’t do that anymore
[12/2, 20:37] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: STRU
[12/2, 20:37] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: I promise w
[12/2, 20:37] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: You

/3, 12:03] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: Maybe you’d feel comfortable with bloody unfortunate white thrash.
[12/3, 12:04] G.W.: What g is this now??? C
[12/3, 12:04] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: Everything of theirs has failed.
[12/3, 12:04] G.W.: Why are u insulting me?? Please let’s respect each other.
[12/3, 12:04] G.W.: Please. White pipo are human too. N you can’t uttering such statements.
[12/3, 12:05] G.W.: I expect u to be tolerant.
[12/3, 12:05] G.W.: We live in a rainbow nation
[12/3, 12:05] G.W.: ??
[12/3, 12:05] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: To me they are WORSE THAN E
[12/3, 12:06] G.W.: This is hate speech, exactly what Penny Sparrows was accused of. Please change your attitude n mentality.
[12/3, 12:07] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: I can unfortunately categorise them because to me they are WORSE THAN animals.
[12/3, 12:07] G.W.: I think you are insane now.
[12/3, 12:07] G.W.: White pipo are human beings too, just like u n me.
[12/3, 12:09] G.W.: You have been saying l am insane, l think it’s time you check yourself or get yourself examined because what you are saying is revealing that you are angry n something else.
[12/3, 12:09] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: We would not have Mugabe and kabila if it was not because of them
[12/3, 12:09] G.W.: If you can’t tolerate your fellow countrymen n women Cox they are white, what more me being not south African.
[12/3, 12:10] G.W.: I think you need to think before you talk.
[12/3, 12:11] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: I always wonder why God did this to Us
[12/3, 12:13] G.W.: Please change.
[12/3, 12:13] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: Don’t worry
[12/3, 12:14] G.W.: You are an academic n l expect u to be tolerant.
[12/3, 12:14] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: I am in with the Unions
[12/3, 12:14] G.W.: Are unions encouraging you to hate whites??
[12/3, 12:14] G.W.: And utter such words about white pipo??
[12/3, 12:14] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: The Labour Federations
[12/3, 12:15] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: I can’t hide it
[12/3, 12:15] G.W.: Is it encouraging such statements??? I think unions encourage unity, not what u are saying.
[12/3, 12:16] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: They brought ALL the miseries to us
[12/3, 12:16] G.W.: You need to respect other pipo Dan.
[12/3, 12:16] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: WHO
[12/3, 12:16] G.W.: You can’t blame other pipo for your problems, grow up n face them.
[12/3, 12:16] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: White trash
[12/3, 12:16] G.W.: Who is white trash??
[12/3, 12:17] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: Who are you actually
[12/3, 12:17] G.W.: ????
[12/3, 12:18] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: White trash is white trash that brought us miserable life
[12/3, 12:18] G.W.: Who are you referring to as white trash?
[12/3, 12:20] G.W.: I don’t think unisa would allow you to bring the university into such disrepute Lloyd. This is pure racism n discrimination.
[12/3, 12:20] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: You would be living a more better if it
was not because of Ian Smith and other white trash
[12/3, 12:21] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: BETTER LIFE
[12/3, 12:21] G.W.: I don’t see other human beings as trash, please respect diversity.
[12/3, 12:21] G.W.: You already said you are screwing the 18 year olds at unisa, now it’s such words about white pipo.
[12/3, 12:22] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: I AM A BLACK AFRICAN
[12/3, 12:22] G.W.: Be tolerant, education should change such.
[12/3, 12:22] G.W.: And white pipo are white n.proud.
[12/3, 12:24] G.W.: I think you need to be exposed for who n what you really are Lloyd. Firstly, you can’t be hod n screw the 18 year olds, you are taking advantage of those young girls, who knows what you threaten them with. Secondly, you can’t be the hod n professor n utter such statements about other pipo.
[12/3, 12:40] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: You deserve nothing but a A PINK person
[12/3, 12:45] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: Tell them and make me famous
[12/3, 12:46] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: That’s what WE Soure Africans love
[12/3, 12:46] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: EXPOSURE
[12/3, 12:46] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: I will earn more money
[12/3, 12:47] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: Pipo would be more interested in my work
[12/3, 12:47] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: Thank you very much Ma’am!
[12/3, 12:48] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: What made Mandela popular
[12/3, 12:48] ‪+27 82 477 2197‬: ????

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