UNISA avoiding responsibility in sex scandal

Photo:Hadji James Mutambuli, Board Chairman 

In a bid to avoid taking responsibility on allegations leveled by UNISA Center for Early Childhood Education (UCECE) sexually harassed acting principal, Gugulethu Ncube, UNISA has tried to justify it’s inhuman and unconstitutional silence on the matter. UNISA is an organ of the state and as such it has an obligation to protect, uphold and promote human rights. In a interview with one of our journalists based in South Africa, UNISA spokesman who identified himself as Martin cited that UNISA tried to assist Gugulethu Ncube. However, we have learned with disappointment that UNISA rubbished and distanced itself from Ms Ncube’s matter in a response they gave to Ncube on the 16th of February 2018 after she requested the UNISA vice chancellor to intervene and help her.

We further discovered that Dr Socikwa in her capacity as the acting Vice Chancellor on the 9th of March 2018 lied to the audience which included among others the Swedish ambassador to South Africa. Dr Socikwa told the audience that Hadji James Mutambuli and Mhlava Edward Shibambu were already suspended. This was untrue at the time. One wonders what UNISA is trying to cover up. In a letter to Ms Ncube, UNISA told her that it had no jurisdiction over UCECE, one wonders why they suddenly have jurisdiction now. Why did it take them so long to act and save the poor single mother from the alleged perpetrators.

It has further come to our attention that this is not the first time the alleged perpetrators are in contrary with the Constitution of South Africa. Early this year a parent took the pair to the Department of Social Development when they expelled a four year old from UCECE because of the unfounded accusations they leveled against the parents.

Below is James Hadji Mutambuli accused of failing to act when Ms Ncube reported to her.

Our news team was also reliably informed that one board member who called an urgent meeting to have the board of trustees at UCECE listen to Ms Ncube was met with excuses when Hadji and Shibambu failed to turn up for that meeting. According to Me Ncube, the pair is bragging that they are highly connected.


Photo:Response from UNISA VC 

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