”There’s no God if Senator Dino’s not recalled before end of June” – Kogi Gov’s aid.


Politicians, especially in this clime in their quests to grab and stay put to power make unending threats, most times to their opponents.  In some cases, they resort to all forms of sinister actions to make good their threats.  But when a typical Nigerian politician who is neither guided by any godly principles nor understand morality in leadership chose to make threats in the name God, God doesn’t hesitate to reveal man’s idiocy and emptiness.


Kogi State for a while has been enmeshed in political wrangling between two political forces.  One is trying to leverage on his position and the massive resources of the State at his disposal to unseat another elected political actor.

The political battle between Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State and Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi State Central does not look like one that could fizzle away overnight.  From allegedly plunging billions of State funds amidst the State’s inability to pay months of Salaries to its civil servants to deploying legions of ‘attack aids’ to chant war song wherever any dissenting voices are heard, the political war has remained undiminished in its intensity.


But the height of the political maneuvering, malady and vendetta in a State that owe workers over 10 months Salary was a statement credited to Kogi State Chief of Staff, Mr. Edward Onoja who most stakeholders allege has usurp the powers of both the Governor and the Deputy Governor.  Opposition and most political actors in Kogi State today believes that the Governor’s Chief of Staff has caused Governor Bello’s administration more harm than good.

“Everything’s under Edward’s “control”.  He acts the Governor and the Deputy Governor.  He seems to still relish the belief that the State House of Assembly is under his control.  He talks recklessly and resorts to words that could only be heard by people we call “Gutter Men”. A source said.


According to a video making round, the Chief of Staff of Kogi State Governor while addressing supporters and some youths of Kogi state vowed that Dino must be recalled before the end of June.


In the said video, Mr. Onoja said that “There’s no God if Senator Dino’s not recalled before the end of June”.


Funny enough, today is seventh (7th) July  after that verbose threat and Senator Dino’s still a serving Senator in the Nigeria Senate.  Who’s playing “God” and who think that God works at the command of jesters?

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