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Support an African freelance podcaster and activist to move on – Sadare Oladimeji Macaulay is a human rights and democracy activist based in Nigeria, a democratic socialist, and an organizer par excellence. Sadare and a collective of young people launched the online news and podcasting medium called Conscience Radio in 2015, registered as Conscience Multimedia Limited, a liability company in Nigeria. With the hope of disseminating information to the working people around the world, the all-volunteer staff and editorial collective publishes an audio podcast for listeners everywhere. Now they have agreed to move forward with video podcasting and to continue to report issues affecting the poor, the marginalized, the dispossessed and the oppressed around the world. In support of this effort, and as a loyal fan of the good work of Conscience Multimedia and a supporter of their mission, I have dedicated my gofundme account here to help Conscience Radio make the move from audio to audio AND video podcasting.

Conscience Radio provides a voice to the voiceless, centered in Nigeria and providing a space where average, everyday working-class Africans can be heard worldwide. It is all too common that the overdeveloped global West and North ignore the important voices of the global South, and the resource-rich continent of Africa especially. We can change that, we can enable the world to listen to Africa by supporting Conscience Radio/TV.

For this the Conscience Radio/TV needs a video camera capable of high-quality audio/video recording in the field, with a net worth of $1,000-$1,500. We call for your support!

To see their works visit the Conscience Radio website
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Subscribe to Conscience TV on Youtube , and find Conscience Radio on whatsapp 2347032069393.

It is vital to support revolutionary independent media that can provide that special perspective missing from the mainstream. I encourage everyone to help our sisters and brothers in Africa. They have important, eye-opening information for the conscience of the world. Any size donation helps. $5, $10, $20, $50, whatever you can give – it all adds up make the difference. Let’s help them give a voice to the voiceless! Donate today! Thank you.

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