Sultan call on Labour leaders to build Labour Party

Today at the colloquium organised by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) was very good and issues around restructuring was analysis.


Some important things i noticed was that His Eminence, Sultan Mohammed Sa’ad iii of Sokoto urge labour leaders to build labour party.

Oshiomhole’s comment on restructuring sparks trouble at NLC Colloquium because Oshiomhole has lost is popularity among the rank and file of workers.
What were Oshiomhole’s comments that make the workers to booed him? He said those who lost election in 2015 are the one calling for restructuring. Any reasonable, informed and conscious Nigeria will know by now with that comment that APC/Buhari governments are not interested in restructuring. But for Oshiomole and his misinformed APC members, restructuring came to limelight when formal vice president Mr Atiku was a speaker at a launching of a book titled “we are all Biafrans “written by Chido Onumah sometimes last year.

Professor Toye Olorode speaks against neo liberalism and capitalism. He urged labour leaders to prepare a working document like what was produced in 1984 under the Buhari/Idiagbon military regime to fashion out workers demands from the rogues ruling class. He called for end to privatization policies by mafias that are looting our collective wealth Nigeria.

Other speakers speak well about need for restructuring and beyond that, urge citizen to hold their leaders to accountable. Also a resounding calls on need for good governance.
Dimeji Macaulay

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