Student Unionism, not for personal aggrandizement –Pita Kolo


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Addressing students of the federal polytechnic Bida 29th  August 2017,a senior lecturer at the Federal Polytechnic Bida, Niger state, Mr Pita Kolo, has urged students’ union leaders and activists to be self-sacrificing and ready to defend students’ rights while on campus.

Kolo spoke at a symposium organized by the Education Rights Campaign (ERC) held at Twin Theater Hall of the institution.

On the title: “Building an Independent, Virile and Democratic Students’ Union: Issues and Challenges”; Kolo noted that students’ unionism is an important organ on campuses for the fact that if there are no students; there would be no management and staffs.

He also urged students’ union leaders to be ready to defend the interest of their colleagues in a peaceful and non-violent ways.

He calls for unity among students’ union leaders and staff unions on campuses.

Kolo also advised management not to intervene in the running of the students’ union and its affairs.

He added that unionism is for sacrifice and not for making personal incomes as we have it these days in many campuses.

Photo: Pita Kolo

Another Speaker at the programme, Dimeji Macaualay, Northern Coordinator, ERC, and one of the founders of branch; noted that he is happy to be part of the programme.

He recalled that the branch was started about seven years ago, and now moving to its eight year, things have been fine with regular intervention.

Macaulay spoke on the topic: “Commemoration of the Centenary of 1917 Russian Revolution”; he said the organization is founded on ideals of socialism and fighting with correct method and tactics to defeat capitalism.

Adding that free functional and quality education is only possible under socialism; Macaulay argued that the present capitalist system is not going to fund education because they have subscribed to doctrine of privatization and neo-liberal policies.

Going back into history, Macaualay noted that the event of 1917 during which workers took over power is an example to imbibe for us to unite to fight for better society because it is obvious that both the ruling party, All Progressive Congress and its main opposition, People Democratic Party (PDP); cannot guaranty a good living standard for Nigeria and Nigerians.

He therefore calls for building what he calls “a workers” political alternative” to end the all capitalist parties in the country.

Also, the Branch Coordinator, ERC, Adejengbe Adeyemi, speaking on “Missing U” signifying a ‘missing unity’ among students and workers to fight for their collective rights; noted that the programme was specifically initiated and hosted to enhance the knowledge and essence of students’ unionism among its leaders, students in general and managers of tertiary institutions.

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