Socialists organise symposium to mark 10 years of Late Gani Fawehinmin’s death

DSM Abuja branch Organise Symposium to mark 10 years of Late Gani Fawehinmi’s Departure. 
On September 5,2019 about one hundred people gathered at the Olaitan Oyerinde Hall, Pascal Bafyau Labour House, CBD, Abuja   to discuss Nigeria still in crisis 10 years after Gani Fawehinmi’s death; Any hope for the working masses?
The program started around 11:15am with Solidarity Songs and chatting of solidarity slogans.  Comrade Babatunde Oluajo (Sankara) moderated the program , he welcome everybody to the event.
Senator Sheu Sani

Sheu Sani appreciate the DSM for bringing people from different backgrounds together again to chat way forward for Nigeria.  while speaking during the program said Gani remain the best of his time,  Gani Fawehinmi will not be happy with level of oppression in Nigeria today,. He isn’t  happy the way things are going  because journalists and activists are been detained without trial. Court orders are been disobeyed and suffering amidst insecurity challenges around the country. Sani said that efforts of those who fought for South Africa’s liberation must not be in vain. He, however, warned that Nigerians must desist from reprisal attacks on South Africans living in Nigeria and their businesses. ”Nigerian must not unleash violence against anybody, we should be on a higher moral ground,” he said.

Chido Onumah referred to Late Gani Fawehinmi as a man that’s fearless and ready to defend the poor no matter what will it will cost him.  He call on Nigerians to stand and defend the country against  tyranny.
Kate Shaun the representative of Trade UnionCongress (TUC) expressed worries on how the women in Nigeria are been oprressed. She call on people to fight for workers rights and improve living conditions at place of work.
Comrade Abiodun Aremu
Comrade Abiodun Aremu the Secretary of  Joint Action Front (JAF)  and Co founder of Amical Cabiral Ideological School (ACIS)  in his speech said late Gani suffered before getting  education and that explained while he choose to be defender of the poor with both legal and political means.  Gani also introduced scholarship for many poor students and which is still been sustained till today.  He called on young people to join pro people working class  organisation as step to begin to learn how to fight against oppression and exploitation.
Abbey Trotsky 
Comrade Abbey Trotsky, The National Chairperson of Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) Appreciate the Abuja branch of DSM for organising the program.  He call on people to join the building of SPN and also call for release of  Omoyele Sowore because he has not committed any sin for calling for protest titled Revolution Now.  He call on labour leaders to lead a protracted struggle to defend worker right and general strike to fight for  full implementation of new minimum wage.  He said if Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi is alive today he will have been in forefront of struggles against oppression.
During  Solidarity greetings and messages Mr Ken from Action Aid Nigeria  said the timing young people of this country must look for alternative to fight and ready to confront government of oppression and fight for a better future in their country.
The program ended with renew hope of all participants to be part of struggle against oppression and exploitation. Ultimately struggle for socialism.

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