See Some of Gani’s Pro-working people quotations

Is eight  years  Gani departed from us. Some of Gani’s Pro-working people quotations

On Oshiomhole’s contest for Edo State Governor as against the call for him to vie for presidency: “How could a man who has brought us out to fight against global economic slavery of Obasanjo denigrating himself to become just an Edo State Governor. I do not understand why a leader of the Nigerian people will be fighting for sectional interest instead of standing on the side of the entire working people of Nigeria to fight. He will achieve nothing if he becomes Edo State Governor other than meetings upon meetings, motion without movement” (DSM and UAD Political Summit June 28, 2006).

Arguing for Socialist Party and Socialist Programme: “we need a socialist party with socialist economic programme. If you form this, I will join. We don’t need power at all cost. We need power under a platform with socialist programme to fight the West. This party can be formed and recognised by Nigeria constitution within two months. I am not happy by the way things are going” (DSM and UAD Political Summit June 28, 2006).

“If I become the leader, I will declare a socialist ideology, give free education, free medical services. A man who arrives the hospital sick and is not given medication will fight it out with those in charge.”

“How can one practice law without relating it to politics? Law is the end product of the activities of a nation politically and socio-economically, law is not in isolation. Anyone who practices law without relating it to politics, sociology and economics is a fool. I don’t want to be a fool. I embrace socialism”.

“A system that has worsened the plight of workers must not be embraced by the workers. For once, the workers should take a new direction socio-economically opposed to the present direction which has led them to the abyss of discomfort.”

“I think the radicals should interact more, especially through a central forum. Those in labour circles, students union, legal circle and journalism (etc.) should come together. What the government has been able to do in this country is an indictment of the radicals.”

“There is too much congenital injustice, demonic oppression, ruthless dictatorship and agonizing poverty in this country today. Until these destructive vices of governance are uprooted from this country, continuous imprisonment or even threats of assassination will not deter me from the peoples cause”.
(Gani’s Book of Quotations Vol. 1 compiled by Richard Akinnola).

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