The role of Traditional Institutions in peace building

 3,000 District to go in Kaduna State. With the current security challenges in Kaduna State that have placed us in the highest pedestal. We should be demanding for more Districts and Village head to ensure issues that tend to rubbish the State are addressed at the grass roots level. Today, in Kaduna state about 3,000 District are set to go in view to reduce cost without considering the negative implication that will worsen the already chaos that is existing. Let limit it down to Southern Kaduna. The Significant role the Traditional Institutions Played to ensure peace and stability is restored cannot be over emphasized.
The current District are over stretched to cushioned some issues. The way the system was designed to to tows the Institution by elective Persons was wrong. There is an urgent need to revisit that constitution. This Institution have been facing conspiracy silence of brutality which did not allow them to effect their roles as royal Fathers of the Society.
The role of the Traditional leaders in upholding the values and administering the affairs of their region is imperative to any successful government. This is an institution that is saddle with the responsibility of identifying the need of their communities and be involved in the shaping and participating in the promotion of indigenous knowledge. Traditional rulers today are playing a great role in promoting peace, foster solutions.
Traditional rulers provide essential leadership role in ensuring that societies manage their available land and increase food security so as to alleviate the challenges of poverty in their respective District. Traditional institutions serves as intermediaries, gave sense of belonging to promotes values, Culture and effective way of addressing conflict.
By Israel Bulus



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