Recession: Sex workers increase but demands are low

cross section of some sex workers 

Prostitution can be define as a process of engaging in a sexual activity with another person in exchange for compensation such as money and other valuables. In Abuja metropolis this has been source of living for majority of young ladies who migrate from various rural area to find green pasture at Abuja, many of them give an excuse of unemployment This prompted our team to engage one of the sex worker around wuse2 area in Abuja.

One of the sex workers popularly  known as  Chioma was interviewed and she responded very well, thinking that she was  meeting a new customer, though the reception she gave our team reflected the desperation to get customers.  This can be attributed to low patronage they get in the recent time. Wuse2 which at around 8pm will be flaunted with girls with skimpy(Short skirts) and miniskirts, push up bra, looking for men who will take them home or to a hotel for service.

When we ask about the market, she said that the market is dull, that they are looking up to God, no market and people are still coming from village to hustle making the little market a battle of the fittest. This statement prompted our correspondence   to ask the young and bright lady what is her vision and why she choose prostitution as a profession, Chioma in her reply said she did not intend to be a prostitute but is all started when she lost her parent and had nobody care for her. She said she has done many domestic works such as cleaner, house help e.t.c. According to her, all this work are second slavery, looking at the way and manner the employer treated her, she said the incident that push her into  the business is a sexual harassment by her boss. Chioma, who hails from Imo state Oru west, she is twenty one years of age. She left his Oga house get to the street,  may be she would see an helper but, fortunately or unfortunately, for her she met a lady from her state whose job is prostitution and introduced  her to prostitution.

Miss can you tell us your first experience in this job?

My first experience is not funny at all but the joy of it is that I make good money at the first outing. As I stand at the road side a man with BMW car parked by my side and said “Young lady, can I have a fuck with you? Name your price”

I think “How much can I charge this man?” so I quickly reply and said “Which package do you want short time or till day break?”
Then the man, being an experienced man, had noticed that am a novice, said “Yes till the day break” then I said “I will collect hundred thousand naira”

Then the man smiled and said “That will not be a problem provided you can satisfy me on bed”. It was a mixed feelings experience because part of me was happy about the money while my conscience battled with me because of my Christian background.

Chioma when exactly do you start this job?

I started this work 2014,

Can you tell us the average of how much you make per day?

Well I only have primary school education but the word average I may not be able to give the exact but what I know is that during Goodluck Ebele Jonathan regime I made nothing less than ten thousand naira per day, but now some day I go back to my hotel room without any customer.

Hmmm miss do you have a plan?

Yes I do, my plan was to raise a capital make I open shop to be  selling  provision

Nice but like how much do you need and the amount you have right now as your savings?

Because my plan is to go back to village to open the shop, I only need something of one million naira.  Talking about my savings, this baba government no try for us o in fact if I they see people wear APC cloth I feel like pursue them away. I have less than hundred thousand naira now.

So what can you say about this government?

Well they said “change waiting”. Common girl like me know be say this regime worst than the last one, it seems they even get plan for the common people.

In the coming election will you vote APC again?

Never God forbid

So the market presently is not moving?

Yes, is tiring and boring, I pity those young chap that are coming from villages to hustle in town like us because no market.

What will make you leave this Job?

If I get one million I will established

Haha, in this economy?



See you next time… much love.

By Kayode Salako



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