Profile of Sadare Oladimeji SPN Chairmanship Candidate, Abuja Municipal Area Council


Comrade Sadare Oladimeji Macaulay

SADARE OLADIMEJI MACAULAY, a Comrade, is in his early 30s. He is a dynamic persona and a longstanding committed socialist activist. He has dedicated over ten years of his life defending youth, workers and community residents against oppression, repression and suppression.

He is a 2012 graduate of Electrical Engineering from the Federal Polytechnic Bida, Minna, Niger State. Right from his days in college, he had been dubbed a wonderful source of inspiration and encouragement among his colleagues. Some even used to tease him that he’d be a great impact to generations to come.

As a humble, amiable, selfless, charitable and unassuming young man, his philosophy and enthusiasm to share his gift with the world, wax stronger. This explains why he is passionately committed to helping the needy and partaking in the daily struggles of the working class.

Macaulay, as he is also fondly called, is the Northern Coordinator of Coalition for Affordable and Regular Electricity (CARE), a platform working to resist outrageous estimated billings and other unfair practices of power companies. On this anomaly, he has led several protests and had as well, participated in several against electricity exploitations in Nigeria.

He is currently the Abuja Coordinator of Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights (CDWR), a platform advocating for improved working conditions with new minimum wage for Nigeria’s teeming workers.

He is also a former Northern Coordinator of Education Rights’ Campaign (ERC); an initiative of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM), to canvass for free, functional and quality education at all levels. And currently, he is the National Organising Secretary of the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN).

In fact, for about ten years of his being a socialist since his undergraduate days, and coupled with growing up amid life’s tough challenges; the agility to become an enduring fighter and defender of the interests of the common people spread across every cadre of the Nigerian society including market men and women, artisans, motorcyclists etc., became aroused in him

This further made Macaulay to be actively involved in the struggles for the reinstatement of unjustly sacked trade union leaders. At the same time, he continually advocates for free and affordable health care and education among others.

At some stage, Sadare worked bravely and fought for the enrollment of orderliness, equity, fairness and just leadership in our great country, Nigeria. Now, this a cause which most youths shy away from for the fear of losing their lives. But at the risk of losing his dear life, Sadare never hesitated to defend the oppressed no matter the price, any time attacks and oppression of capitalists and ruling elites, rear its ugly head.

Sadare is a patient young man with a high sense of integrity, faithfulness, fairness and justice which qualifies him as a role model to his teeming friends, associates and followers. His full of vision, selfless, bold, creative, fearless, courageous and exemplary leadership styles are legacies that speak volume about him.

On issues of national interest, Macaulay keenly participates in every discourse geared at moving Nigeria forward. He is not a person to shield or shy from telling the truth or compromise. He bears his mind plainly without a pretense no matter whose hoax is gorged. He’s a young man with a clean ambition to plant his footprints large and deep in the sand of time. Given the chance, he hopes to imprint indelible and timeless impressions on Nigeria’s national life that will serve as credible lessons to nourish generations to come.

Currently on a quest to contest for the Chairmanship of the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Sadare has pledged that if elected, he will collect the modest salary of a civil servant. The young visionary and revolutionary man said his era will end jumbo pay for political office holders in the FCT. He plans to build public housing through direct labour an end to fraudulent contract system, and also introduce rent control.

Sadare also promised to cancel all exhortation of drivers, market men/women as well as that of commercial sex workers in Abuja Municipal Area Council. He will also allow chiefs and trade unions to be part of the council’s decision-making, while its resources will be democratically managed to meet the doable needs of the people in the council area.

Macaulay will strive to ensure a working people’s government where the council’s resources will be used to meet the needs and yearnings of the people.  We will not entertain the greed of few.

In conclusion, under the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), Sadare will operate a people’s inclusive government. We shall stay focused on putting an end to injustice, corruption and nepotism in order to set the tone for quality leadership that will be embraced by successive council leaderships.

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