Coalition for Affordable and Regular Electricity (CARE) wishes to reiterate her principled support for the ongoing mass action led by the members of Jikwoyi Community to demand prepaid meter and improvement in the power supply to the community.

Protest against AEDC over estimated billing

We believe this protest will send a strong signal to the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) that the members of the Jikwoyi phase iv community are tired of these day-light robberies of estimated billing and paying for darkness and thereby demands an end to estimated billing in their community; prepaid meter should be provided in their respective houses.
However, as an organization that fights for regular and affordable electricity that from all indications, the privatization has failed woefully considering selling to private interest at rock bottom price and also the bailout of N213 billion given to the power companies. Despite these supports with public funds, it is clear that the prioritization of profit above quality service delivery and overall interest of the country has deepened the crisis in the power sector.
The only solution which will take care of the interests of poor working class people and small and medium scale businesses who require stable and affordable electricity is for the power sector is to be nationalized and remain public for government to invest public resources to boost power generation, distribution, and supply. However, unlike the usual situation where public enterprises are run by bureaucrats who are unaccountable to no one except the government that appointed them, the power sector must be placed under the control and management of the people through elected committees comprising power sector workers, government appointees, technical staff/experts, and consumers.
It is such democratic committees, replicated on all streets, local governments and power sector offices nationwide with centralized state and national leadership, that must be invested with the powers and authority to make administrative, financial, legal and technical decisions on the basis of democratic debates and discussions. With this arrangement, it will be possible to banish from the power sector the bureaucrats, the lobbyists, individual and corporate bodies who have for decades perfected the art of siphoning the resources invested by the government in boosting power generation.
However, we salute the courage of the patriotic and uncompromising leadership of the Jikwoyi community who have not sell-out the struggle on the basis of the AEDC and police intimidations which have led to sectional but isolated meetings called by the Nigerian Police Force with some few leaders in the community which have perceived that this might be the best opportunity see by those who have been cheated by this AEDC crazy billing and constant power-outage in Jikwoyi community and elsewhere to ventilate their anger. It is very imperative to state that this statement is baseless and such intimidation is unacceptable as the members of Jikwoyi community are not miscreants as stated by the police DPO in the report given in their isolated meeting.

Finally, while we also noted that consultation with the AEDC staff  is welcomed, we should also note that most times negotiation and inter-personal dialogue with these elements in the past had always been fruitless, however, also a peaceful civil disobedience in a very coordinated manner can challenge this satanic act perpetrated against the good people of Jikwoyi community and Nigerians generally and we shall continue to kick against estimated billing and power outage in all ramification and also continue to give our support in challenging these anomalies in our communities.
Sadare Oladimeji Macaulay          Akande Daniel Babatunde
Coordinator                                    Secretary

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