PRESS STATEMENT: Zimbabwe Communist Party Statement On Military Intervention



The politico-military action taken by the Zimbabwe National Army is the result of the chaotic state of Zimbabwe as a whole and the ruling party, ZANU(PF), in particular. The extravagant lifestyles of the ruling elite contrast sharply with the extreme poverty of the majority of the Zimbabwean people. Factories are closed and there is more than 90% unemployment in the formal sector. Both ZANU(PF) and the opposition are characterised by personality politics. It is with the conditions of breakdown in the country as a whole and within the ruling party that the politico-military action has taken place.

In a constitutional democracy transfer of power should be exercised through peaceful, constitutional means and conditions must be provided for this to take place. It must be possible for the people to express their views without fear of violence and intimidation. For the past 37 years this has never been the case in Zimbabwe. An undemocratic political system has been accompanied by massive looting by the political elite, and consequent economic degeneration. Military action in normal circumstances cannot be condoned, but the concentration of power into fewer and fewer hands, and the closing of all normal avenues of popular control or dissent has in this case led to military action which has been welcomed by the majority of Zimbabweans with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

The Zimbabwe Communist Party calls for a transitional arrangement to be put in place to guide the country towards a peaceful, free and fair election within a reasonable time frame. The attitude of the ZCP towards all developments in Zimbabwe depends on the following:

1) The interests of the working-class, the peasants and the poor.

2) The rebuilding of the shattered Zimbabwean economy on the basis of production and national economic autonomy.

3) The implementation of the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe voted for by the overwhelming majority of Zimbabweans in 2013.

The ZCP is consulting with Zimbabweans both individually or through their respective organisations over present developments.

Once a new government is in place, the ZCP is willing to conduct talks with it and to examine areas of mutual concern and possible agreement in order to take our country forward,

Forward with Zimbabwe !!

Forward to Socialism !!

Contact: Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena Ian Beddowes
General Secretary National Political Commissar
Zimbabwe Communist Party Zimbabwe Communist Party
+27 83 340 1000 +27 60 440 3137

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