My Nigeria by Mary Barbara




My Nigeria

A land that is rich in culture

Filled with resources

Yet her people suffer

Promises are dangled before us like baits

And continuously we fall

Hurriedly we grab the crumps

All the while tearing at each other


Gone are her glory days

When our hearts were ablaze

With pride the foundation our forefathers laid

For it seems we are now fazed

Her culture seems contorted

And her values have been misplaced

I recognize her no more

Due to all the blows that she has been dealt

I miss her so

She does not look the same

As I strive to remember her beauty

Her eyes has gone hollow

She seems incurable and weak

And her people unpredictable

Still we pray

Even in despair we always hope for the better

For we are fighters

That is how we are wired


Gone are the days when we were our brothers’ keepers

Each child now is to its own mother

All we do is point fingers

Looking for whom to blame

Everyone, anyone but ourselves

Gone are the days when we worked together

Ploughing the earth and never letting it wither

Our ways were precious and our treasures were shared

Gone are the days when we all cared, prepared, reassured and repaired

Preserving our culture as we embraced others

Gone are those days

When times were hard but still livable

When evil existed but love prevailed

All these are now tales

Myths and legend not well known nor understood by this generation



Now is the time

A time for advancements in all aspects

Leaving the old behind, whatever it may be

And embracing the new

The era of inquisitive minds

Of innovations and growth

Things have changed

And some for the better

The young are sated just for the now

The old reminisce

And together we hope for the better

We hope for better days

Even while our today is being destroyed

Knowing full well we brought this unto ourselves

Cutting corners while operating covertly

Has left some to be scarred for life

Yet they endure


Nowadays all we do is waiting

Argue, watch and pray

Terminating, deliberating, procrastinating and discriminating

All the while anticipating for change

My people scream for change and say it is here

It has arrived

Saying bye to being gullible

And embracing those that are credible

Or so we hope

As we continue to wait, watch and pray


Even in the midst of the chaos, diversity and suffering

We are able to live happily

At least, sometimes

There is always something to smile and laugh about

We make fun of our economy, politics and politicians, and every aspect of our life

We are happy people

We always believe and hope for a better tomorrow

For a better Nigeria

And so we try to play our parts

Knowing it would not be easy

But believing we would get there someday

Ever the optimist

Yes! Nigerians are always optimistic

The glass is always half full to most of us


My Nigeria will get there

Until then

We must all play our parts

And I, alongside others

Reminisce and hope that our Nigeria becomes great!

Great people; great Nation!

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