Paul Edoh: A Wake Up Call To FCT Law Makers


Gasaki village under Karshi, FCT Abuja along Ara Sabo Road.

out of desperation and considering for a pursuance of Good Governance several protest against the parlous state of constituences under the mayorship of Almighty Hon. Zapheniah Jisalo and the most celebrated middle belt senator Philip Aduda. I stand to wonder if these most Honourable men are really paid constituency allowances.
If not how will one described the verifiable pictures of up coming generation learning under a tree with a health worker standing comfortably ready to carry out her Municipally bond assignment of Immunization.
The picture of these young generation seating on blocks and learning under a harsh condition speak of total constituency negligence in area of Education , and no proper use of constituency allowance over the years.
The picture is a sign of total backwardness in our modern state of civilization. Saddly, Abuja that should be used as reference point is now align with states piloted by visionless leaders whose concern is on how to better their families and cronies thereby pocketing their electioneering campaign promises.
Dinstingushed Senator Philip Aduda and Most Hon. Zephania Jisalo should as a matter of urgency better the lives of their Constituents if not antagonistic approaches will continue to holds way for the only existing primary school in the community is built by the community effort and with limited class room very unconducive for learning.

Comr. Paul Edoh Jnr.
write in from Abuja
National Coordinator Proponent of good governance.

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