Paul Edoh: “Open letter to the Benue state Governor.”                                 


Gov. Samuel Ortom



Dr. Samuel Ortom,

Benue state Government House,

Kashim Ibrahim way high level,

Makurdi Benue state

Your Excellency. It is with a painful heart that we write you today to register our grave displeasure over your complicity in the woes of the people you purported to preside over as governor.

With your Excellency permission sir, we will like to bring to the fore some burgling questions begging for answers long before now in the people’s mind. And they are as follows;

  1. Whose interest are you representing in the Benue people’s house Makurdi?.
  2. Have your forgotten those electioneering promises made to the Benue people?
  3. Why should your personal needs supersede the people’s needs.
  4. Are you aware that, the people are suffering?
  5. Can you still remember what the good book says about laborers’ wages
  6. Were you voted to transform the Benue people or enslave the people
  7. Have you taken time to find out why %98 out of %100 of your people dislike you?.




Your excellence, it is pertinent to bring to the fore why your people had decided not to love you as their leader again, it quite unfortunate that, the Benue people have been suppressed , humiliate, oppressed and isolated by you. During your electioneering campaign, the people were high hoped for a better messiah who will transform them from squalor to a prospective life style using abundance resources in the state. But you roughshod over their previous wounds for pittance gotten as monthly allocation from Abuja, what is gotten can still pay their salaries and take care of any acclaimed inherited debt but you turned blind eyes to their plight and no doubt denied their wages and you foregone the scriptural tenets while your Oracle business flourishes .

Your Excellency, are you no longer the preacher of the word of God? You have caused the people miseries and pains.

Do you also know that your respect as the people’s governor is no longer there? Please permit our bluntness your Excellency for the onus is on us to watch over your performance. Our reason for this letter is because we have the people’s remorse at heart and considering the fact that your sense of governance is so atrocious.

Your Excellency, our grieves is beyond word, and you must wake up to modern reality and admit your failure. Dr. Ortom you have failed your people for no good reasons, you speak theologically but your act is so deceitful.

To this end I want you to know that, Good governance is a right, not a privilege, you are a messenger not a king so you must act fast to salvage your name from further damage and for posterity sake the people needs their rights now.

Yours in the struggle,

Comr. Paul Edoh Jnr.

National coordinator Proponent of good governance Nigeria

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