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The word ridicule is so obsolete to be used in describing the recent Kangaroo appointment carried out by the snailish minister of the federal capital territory Abuja, Mr. Mohammed Bello.

The appointment of  Yamawo came after the June 2017 protest and many others by the Abuja natives protesting against marginalization. Since the creation of the federal Capital Territory in 1976 it is important to note here that none of the appointed ministers are true inhabitant of the land despite the fact that Abuja  is Blessed with morally filled intellectuals’ rather each government chooses to place men of questionable character above the owners of the land, what then is the reward for using their lands ?. Abuja is blessed with; Koro people, Gbagyi, Gede and the rest. Over the passing years, the people have participated in all elections, voting candidates who they believed will favor them but reverse has always been the case so far. And the most annoying one is the current political party in power APC, after getting more votes from the people in the 2015 general election; the people were left unrewarded after which the party must have produced a president and become the ruling party in the federation. What price have this indigenes not paid to gain federal government favor! With the high hope that the Buhari’s administration will crystallize their ambition if happens he took over power but little wonder that they were only been position in a card game by the President and his appointee.  This alone ignited the ebullient people into taken their collective grievances’ to the National Assembly, the Federal Secretariat and the rest just to mention but a few.

Perusing the list tears stream down my checks;

Mobolaji Ajose Adeogu – 1976 -1979

Iro Abubakar Dan Musa – 1982 – 1983


Haliru Dantoro – 1983 – 1984

Mamman Jiya Vatsa 1984 -1985

Hamza Abdullahi 1986 – 1989

Gado Nasko 1989 -1993

Jeremiah Timbut Useni 1993 – 1998

Mamman Kontogora 1998 – 1999

Ibrahim Bunu 1999 – 2001

Mohammed Abba Gana 2001 – 2003

Mallam Nasir Ahmad el-rufai 2003 – 2007

Aliyu Modibbo Umar 2007 – 2008

Muhammadu Adamu Aliero 2008 – 2010

Bala Mohammed 2010 – 2015

Mohammed Bello 2015 –till date

None of the aforementioned is a native of Abuja and up till date no meaningful portfolio has been assigned to them, and the recent blinded appointment carried out by Mr. Honorable minister was hurriedly done without full consultation from stakeholders, i stand to wonder if really the minister prioritize the people’s needs. These inherent contradictions have aggravated more agitation and image painting which may affect the minister in any accidental cabinet shake up. Even though he remain respectable within his cronies but he has lost his political clout among the people he is believed to be governing.

I still stand to wonder why after several agitations, letters and advise the only position the minister could imagined is to carved out an office called The coordinator of Abuja Metropolitan Management Council and Satellite Town Development Department  and Mr.Tanko Yamawo is made to head this team  while the MD Abuja Broadcasting Services is Ibrahim Damisa. Coordinator of Abuja Metropolitan Management Council and Satellite Town Development Department, is indeed an unplanned decision and appointment while the Abuja geographical center is managed by another tribe, and virtually all the permanent secretaries are other tribes, you can mention them. I expect Mr. Tanko Yamawo the beneficiary to reject the offer for a more better one but he gladly accepted it throwing up party to celebrate the offer. An indication that, the original indigene of Abuja are low class people who can only sell their right for crumbs of bread which falls from the dinning of the wealthy.

It’s had time the original habitant of Abuja stands for their right collectively for without that, the political slavery will continue to hold sway.

Comr. Paul Edoh Jnr

A Social Activist and the National

Coordinator Proponent of Good Governance

Wrote this from Abuja


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