Osun 2018, A Wake Up Call by Oladele Sheriff


The ability to make a right change at the right time determines how successful one would be in life. Ability to put the right peg in the right hole at any time distinguishes between Success and failure. At a time like this, our resort to make a long overdue change in the government of Osun state will determine whether we want a better change or we want to remain the same. It surprises me that despite the level of hardship we are all going through in Osun, we still keep supporting the government of the day. Even at a time when members of their inner circle that have true love of their fatherland at heart are turning their backs against them because they have just discovered that the present administration in Osun has reneged on all the promises made to us.

How many ona baba ona can we point out across the state? What is the present situation of all the local government areas across the state? How many Civil servants or retirees can boast of three square meals a day? How many artisans can boast of reasonable achievement during this administration?

Despite all the Paris club funds and bail out fund from the Federal government, the situation is getting worse day by day. It is high time we retraced our steps and support a local politician that truly understands our plights and stop pledging our loyalty to people that are not interested in anything other than their ego and selfish interests.

For instance, can people of Osun West senatorial district compare the few months of Senator Ademola Adeleke with four years of his close Counterpart in the last bye election? That tells the difference between a local politician and a politician that was super-imposed on the electorates. For the next gubernatorial election in Osun, we should make a choice to stand against imposed candidate by foreign people that believe that they can be in Lagos and determine our fate in Osun.

We need to support a candidate that will respect the wish of his people. A candidate whose children are not attending any school abroad. A candidate whose parents and family members reside in Osun. A candidate who doesn’t have a godfather in Lagos that would have to approve anything before it could be done for Osun people. A candidate that wouldn’t satisfy people of Lagos at the detriment of his state of birth. A candidate that wouldn’t intimidate his people from telling him the truth.

A candidate that would not refuse to pay salaries of civil servants because they didn’t vote for him. A candidate that will not resort to propaganda in order to win people’s support. A candidate that is not egocentric and self centered. A candidate that believes in true democracy and true power of the people. A candidate that means well for his people and who will never renege on his campaign promises. This candidate is no other person than OTUNBA WALIYU ADEMOLA ADEBAYO ROVET. SUPPORT OTUNBA WALIYU ADEMOLA ADEBAYO ROVET AS GOVERNOR OF OSUN STATE COME 2018. SUPPORT TRANSFORMATION OF OSUN STATE SUPPORT THE DESIGNATED CONSOLER. 

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