OSUN 2018: The preferred Candidate by Oladele Sheriff




It is no longer news that the tenure of the present administration in Osun state is gradually coming to an end and political gladiators have started strategizing on how to assume the stool when it becomes vacant next year.

Several personalities across the three Senatorial districts in the state have declared their ambition to contest for the position through some political parties. As the gladiators are aspiring to contest for the governorship position in the state, Electorates on the other hand are patiently waiting for the time to come so that they can exercise their franchise so as to elect whoever they want to saddle their affairs for the next four years. Be that as it may, we need to ask ourselves fundamental questions about these aspirants most especially those that have occupied one position or the other during previous administrations.

We need to get it get it right this time by putting someone that is sincere, God fearing and most importantly has the potential to govern us in Osun state. Suzy Kassem says in one of her writings titled Rise up and salutes the Sun ” Pick a leader who is strong and confident, yet humble.

Intelligent, but not sly. A leader who encourages diversity, not racism. One who understands the needs of the farmer, the teacher, the welder, the doctor, and the environmentalist — not only the banker, the oil tycoon, the weapons developer, or the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyist analytically, who among those that have been in power before possesses all the characteristics enumerated by Suzy?

Has the present administration in Osun State displayed the potentials required of someone worthy of our votes as asserted by Suzy? I believe everyone reading this knows the right answers to the questions above. Fellow electorates in Osun state, you will all agree with me that what Suzy said in the book is what we need to do without any reservation or sentiment. If that is the case, then who should we support to become our next Governor in Osun State? The answer to this is very simple.

Out of those that have indicated their interest in becoming our Governor in next year election, the only one that is most qualified is OTUNBA WALIYU ADEMOLA ADEBAYO ROVET (The Designated Consoler). Several factors were considered before coming into this conclusion. Apart from the fact that he possesses all the traits required of a leader as spelt out by Suzy, he is a fresh blood that is free of any albatross. He has created a niche for himself as a successful business mogul before venturing into politics. He’s aiming to become our Governor in order to use his wealth of knowledge and experience to transform Osun into an enviable position.

This is why I am urging every Osun people to support the transformation agenda in Osun state. Let us support OTUNBA WALIYU ADEMOLA ADEBAYO ROVET AS OUR NEXT GOVERNOR IN OSUN STATE. Let us embrace the DESIGNATED CONSOLER.



Oladele Sheriff is a Public Affairs Analyst and Public Relation Manager based in Osun state 

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