Ortom: Re-Commissioning of Benue Nursing School A Charade


Photo: Governor Ortom

For former president Olusegun Obansanjo not to have a anything to commission on his few days private visit to Benue state is so laughable and a sign to show that Ortom two years on seat as governor is a pure futile and for my former president to have been lip glued and not criticized the idea of re-commissioning a nursing school reported to have been in existence since 2015 as reported by Nigeria Concord and that the institution was built by another administration and to be commissioned twice, stand as big question mark.

That the peoples governor is lacking developmental ideas, and he has left his people to be slaughtered at will without any commendable effort to stop the killing is no longer news and that he is after his predecessor’s downfall instead focusing on the APC change mantra is no longer news but what is now news is, the governor was taken by surprise and is laughable that he has nothing to show to Nigerians and the world rather than a well packed neglected basket.

Formerly, it was a gory tales of wanton killings by marauding Fulani’s, now is full bag of lies, and incompetency. Doe Ortom is trying his best but he need to do more to prove to Benue people that his returning back come 2019 is not contestable but if he think he has time, then he is day dreaming.
The time he should use in packaging Makurdi for the coming of the elephant (OBJ) was what he dedicated in rigging all local government election, the election where some who never picked the chairmanship expression form where given the chairmanship ticket without primaries, while those who picked the ticket where not giving the mandate and after the “selection”, he asked them to be calm and not petition anybody for God knows reason.

He handpicked the people he can control to be confirmed by BSINEC, but with his inability to pay workers and pensioners salaries, i wonder if he can pay these chairmen.
Doe Dr. Suswam was criticized even by me severally in my recent articles in other medium for not doing well but the different is now clear. That the former is far better than the later both in road construction and the rest and other extraction such as the Idoma’s and the rest benefited in his administration. Ortom should keep sentiment apart and deliver Benue from national ridicule.

Recently, he reacted to comments made by the former senate president and the rivers state governor against his low score in governance a move i don’t expect from him, what is bad is bad.
That the inadequate monthly allocation from the federation account, the meager generated internal revenue did not stop him from delivering but his capacity to manage the little one committed in his hand, earning him the unbeatable  sobriquet of “ A wheel barrow governor” all though unpaid salaries still remains a rubber stamp on his forehead. The mind burgling question I won’t stop to ask is “ when will Makurdi look like Kano and Gombe, with a well planned pedestal bridge, good flyover around Wurukum round about?” or is it that my governor have not been or heard of these state before? Or is he having lieutenants that have gone out of ideas, and as such could not give him proper advice? .
Former president Olusegun Obasanjo’s visit shouldn’t have to commission an ancient Nursing school, but to commission a state road good enough to transport farm produce, a multi-billion naira sugar cane factory good enough to employ 80% of Benue youths or commission a cashew factory build by foreign investor. Benue is an Agrarian state and what we can boast of is the Federal university of Agriculture and Akparan-oshi College of Agric.

That Dr. Ortom is lacking a developmental fervor and this has no doubt sent a political wave thereby creating a shudder of shock to the whole caprice of the electorate.
The repainting and total change he did in the nursing school has shown that he is not ready for any eventuality even when it comes just as christian ” prepare for the coming of Christ Jesus” Ortom should as well be prepared and after reading Luke 12:35-46  he supposed to have a repented heart for the bible or Quran is the only sincere and moral correction book that any man should read.
To these end, I urge the people’s governor to come up with a blue print on how to bring the former glory back. Our Benue is our pride.

By Comrade Paul Edoh Jnr.
An Abuja based Columnist and Education Activist.

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