Opinion: Kogi State Is Back To The Stone Age

I watch in bated breath the ugly and undesirable scenes emanating out of my dear Kogi state. The political atmosphere is strained as if election is happening next weekend. The incessant attacks and counter attacks, verbal war and personality assault is a great source of worry to me. The political situation of Kogi state is assuming a dangerously awesome level of demonism characterized with the now trending thuggery, threat and blatant carnage.

Whenever I see Kogi in news headlines, my mind skips for fear of hearing an unfortunate or heart rending news. For quite a while now, we have been on the news for the wrong reasons.

The chronicles of the happenings in the Kogi political landscape leaves an aura of hopelessness on the mind of an average Kogi indigene.

The pettiness and cluelessness orchestrated by the handlers of our common patrimony leaves more to worry.

The first thing the comedians in lugard house did was to start a civil service reform banking on an ill-informed and practically idea-dead committee. That was how they kick started the vehicle of their failure. While we were trying hard to grapple the reality of the untold hardship lavishly showered on our people, a jocular and highly laughable whistle blowing policy was introduced. The ill fated policy led to the arrest of Comrade Usman Okai.

Kogi state house of joke, sorry I mean to say house of assembly was not left out of the tragicomedy, all of a sudden, the almighty G5 showed up, approved our 2016 budget, sworn in the commissioners, elected the speaker and other principle officers. Please where are they now. Today the so called G5 have shrunk to S5(small five) with their leader now ss5 (smallest smaller 5).

The crises rocking the highly delinquent house of jokes (assembly) is a show of shame by the handlers. Imagine thugs taking over a state assembly complex and honourable members running like dishonorable men and even beaten to pulp. When did we get here? I also heard that the crises took another turn lately as thugs invaded the assembly quarters hunting our dear Legislators. This madness must stop.

Most worrisome is the arrest of notable critics and opposition figures. Okai, Johnson Musa, Omachi Achor were at a point harassed, intimidated and arrest by the power that be. Such action is a flagrant stampede on the rule of law and the right of the individuals. The citizens have the right to and can critique the government constructively within the ample of the law. Most often these criticisms are premised on the wanton  poverty and suffering munificently and lavishly showered on our people.

Before I forget, how far have we gone on the Dino recall comedy.

Today 9th of August, I woke up to the news that my friend Abdulslimzy was attacked by hoodlums.

It is disheartening to know that the state has failed to protect those it vowed to protect.

Many things have gone wrong and shall be corrected soon.

God bless Kogi state.

– Igomu Ojogbami Benedict


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