OPINION: HND/BSc dichotomy long over due. By Comr. Paul Edoh  (Jnr).







Photo: Mr. Adamu Adamu. Education Minister

‘It is an unassailable fact that the Nigeria  Democracy as is currently practice  has produced unpalatable results associated with the nature of the character of our elites or their mode of reasoning towards the nations Education system. Our Democracy has thus far, promoted inequality rather than equality’

There can be no better way to describe inactiveness of  the honorable minister of education Mr. Adamu Adamu  than that of a memorable words of mine. For since his appointment as minister of the federal republic of Nigeria, he has not brought to the fore appealing policy that will better the decaying sector despite the day to day hue and cry from concern minds.

His  outburst after along obmutescence  about the Polytechnic and university dichotomy tussle had no doubt still kept the sector in a standstill position.

I thought he will even come up with an appraisable ideas or advise president Mohamamdu Buhari who is more concern about ,  local investment  and employing other ancillaries’ to curb corruption while the real “gem” ( the education sector) which is known for its’ glory in the early 70s and the mid 90s is been dealt with painfully and with a blow of total neglect and disregard, the cutting down of primary and secondary school subjects from twenty to ten under the nine years basic educational curriculum claiming to align with the international standard and the proposed removal of C.R.K  (Christian Religious Knowlage from the nation’s education curriculum ) is too painful to behold when we have piled up of unresolved issues in the sector which needs his urgent attention. In light of the Buhari’s budgetary allocation, I learnt that education sector got a reasonable quarter and with the love he has for the sector too, he had employed  over  two  thousand graduates to help reduce unemployment and make a difference in the sector.

On assumption of duty, I expected Mr Adamu Adamu to address some of those tottering issues in the sector which should be teachers welfare, the long agreed ASUU and ASUP agreement reached in the paste administration of  Dr. Goodluck Jonathan or think of harmonizing the long embattled HND and Bsc Dichotomy in the civil and public sector. As if democracy in this part of the world is being practice with haterate or what I call “patiality” in the local parlance. What is the crime of the education sector which every elected administration is not taken serious? In Kenya, the government of  kenyata through its deputy president William Ruto and the former prime minister Ralia Odinga is currently pushing for teachers welfare. According to Mr,Ralia Odinga in one of its’ public function in Kenya declared wholeheartedly that; “the role of teachers in development of the nation was invaluable hence the need to look into their welfare by improving their pay should be a thing of priority” when will words like this be heard from the buccal cavity of our leaders and if aired will it not be politicize?, when will the APC and PDP share in the same ideas of bettering the nation’s education sector rather than combating words to words or witch hunt one another.

The African Leadership Magazine reports that, “ Tanzania allocates US $62 million towards free education” according to its minister of education. It’s a truism that such an amount have never being budgeted for either free education in Nigeria or for teachers welfare. As big as Nigeria, malaysia need not to be bigger than it in staff welfare and education standard but reverse has being the case so far. As bettering the life of politicians and that of their family members is seen as top priority. Due to the delay of the dichotomy  from the stalk holders in the education sector, some good ambassadors of  tomorrow youths took it upon themselves by removing the dichotomy issue  which has survive in the sector for decade. First with customs service who through its lion heart boss removed the dichotomy. Hameed Ali who automatically promoted the HND holders who were in grade level GL 7 to GL 08, according to him, ‘This tend to boost the morale of the officers’.

Following this development, the Minister of Interior col. Dambazau moved to also harmonize the structure thereby removing the long paraded dichotomy in the fire service, civil defence and immigration service.

Nigerians will ever live to remember these men for a bold step taken so far for it is  undoubtedly that the system had produce notable personalities among who are;

Governor. Aregbesola (HND Holder), the current governor of Osun state,  Mr. Segun Odegbemi, the pride of the Nigerian football federal during the glory days of the National soccer team studied engineering from the Polytechnic, Otunba Gbenga Daniel the former governor of Ogun state also had HND, Mrs Mary Otaigbe,  A broadcast journalist with channels television holds HND from the Polytechnic Ibadan. Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi (Ooni of ife) also had his HND in Accountancy from the polytechnic Ibadan and just to mention but a few. What else is the federal government waiting to see when result of the polytechnic education is quite visible to the eyes and audible  to the deaf.

A Bill for an Act to abolish the discrimination passed second reading in the House of Representatives sponsored by Hon. Ali Isa (Gombe) and Hon. Pwajok (Plateau) this distinguished honorable carried out research on the said issue and finds out the discrimination has no moral justification. If it had no moral justification why then should our minister and the stalkholders allow it to thrive?.

Would it be right by  calling  Dr. Oboreh a prophet of light when he said ; ‘ the polytechnic graduate shall make the university graduates unemployed especially in technical profession and allied field’  The dichotomy palaver  is long overdue and as such should be given top priority, bills seeking for the removal should be revisited again, ASUP agreement tailoring towards that end should be revisited if not, the polytechnic education shall one day go into extinction.

Comrade Paul Edoh is an Abuja based Columnist and an Education Activist, can be reached on:




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