“Open Letter to Nnamdi Kanu ” By Dimeji Macaulay




Dimeji Macaulay and IPOB Leader



Continue the fight, but with correct perspective. 

I Dimeji Macaulay write to call your attention to the wave of things going on in the South Eastern part of Nigeria in recent time with your activities, the struggle for actualization of Biafra  and while your struggle is an inalienable right; it should not be allowed to degenerate to a level of reducing the movement to mockery of our collective intellectualism and unity as country.

I have delayed in written this  letter because of my busy schedule and hoping that the advise you have gotten so far might  have been of great help to you.  Today i urge you to prove your enemy wrong, by changing your tactics and method of agitation, by putting the following into consideration; stop hate speech which happens to be the major reason why your antagonist always kick against your agitation.

In nearby country, the Anglophone cameronians faces government crack down for seeking a total freedom( independent) from french speaking cameroonians (southern cameroonians); they’re well organized using members of the cameroonian parliament on the platform of the Social Democratic Front (SDF).  Their grievances is even more similar but genuine than your Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB).

They’re  fighting for Southern Cameroon to be an independent nation from Cameroon  because of the attempt to introduce French to the  English speaking area by the Paul Biya dictatorial regime, a few days back  the Colombia guerrilla group  declare a political  party  that will contest in the nation’s forthcoming election after decades of arm struggle ( civil war.)  We are in the 21st century and the best methods to prove your enemy  wrong in this struggle is to register an acceptable political party  for your  followers, sympathizers and supporters to follow and sue for a referendum  like Catalonia in Spain.

Struggle for self-determination is an inalienable right recognized  internationally.  

Today  in US, California say’s they they are breaking out of the United State and blood was spilled and the debates is ongoing . In Spain, Catalonia want to go out of Spain, they have organized with a political platform and organized referendum by October 1 they are declaring their independent despite the fact that the move is against the Spanish law and there is no war or bloody protest recorded and hate speeches was not recorded as well. In Morocco, the case is not different as the Western Sahara is fighting for independent from Morocco though they have an armed group called Polisaro and our federal government is one of the government in the world supporting their freedom.  In Palestine the struggle continue as their major complain is  why should Israel occupying their land  and  President Buhari is also lending his voice  to it too.  So nothing is wrong with your Biafra agitation but the approach and method is just not too good. Is also important to stress the fact that the situation of China and Taiwan, Indian and Kashmir, Indonesia and West  Paupa  are very similar.

But saying you will not allow election  to hold in Anambra state is wrong  and not a correct approach or method which undoubtedly has created more enemy for you and make people see your agitation as unorganized. At first, get your  people organized and recalled few  political office holders from the country you are fighting against and compel your  governors to begin social  services that your  people needed most.  It’s in my opinion that only by this democratic methods you can use to move your agitation  forward not by boycotting election and then making empty threat while you are in the Nigeria state.    Struggle for self-determination isn’t a new thing and it‘s growing anger against world capitalist system and their puppets in Nigeria and Africa.

Your anger today is the normal anger of an average Nigerian and what you must do is to itemized program on basis of ending capitalism because a Biafra with a capitalist system is doom to fail, like the Nigeria state today.  I urge you Mr. Kanu to drop your empty threat, hate speech and stop deceiving the young and energetic youth of South East.

I must also say your  background  also  affected your cause for the display of  different people bowing down for you while some ignorantly kisses your  shoes, does not show that you are a better comrade  and is not a true reflection of a good freedom fighter and leader of the poor.  Leader of the people equate himself with the people, join them daily to work out workable solutions and always ready to improve their life’s. Kneeling down kissing your shoe speaks more of what Biafra will be under your government even there are possibility of it worsening than the present Nigeria state you referred to as zoo.

The  federal government  terror unleashed  on the South  Eastern Nigeria of recent is because of your misguided  speech and empty threat in many public programs and interview .The level of poverty, unemployment and the way life’s are not valued has make Nigeria  situation volatile and opened our youth to joining  different  reactionary forces that cannot guaranty their own future, inequality in wealth  distribution  and also secrecy in spending our collective resources are all glaring facts that put the country at threat of disintegration. The Boko Haram menace in the North East is also a product of this greedy system.    But the present arrangements of neo-liberal policies and imperialist inflicted puppets running Nigeria and Africa will continue to plug it to endless poverty and ethno-religion crisis.

I have traveled across all the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, there is nothing wrong with any of our people and no zones cannot be self-independent, I have also lived with different tribes in Nigeria none of us is violence in nature nor  unaccommodating .

Let me start by reminding you  that late FelaAnikulapoKuti sing a song shortly after the civil  war in 1979,  titled “Viva Africa”,  where he warns Africans that we need peace, though  languages and tongues may differ but let’s us band our wounds and work together.

If am sleeping and they wake me up, then ask me that between Nigeria and Oduduwa republic, my choice will always be Nigeria i dreamed about and not this present arrangements and system. Because   the present arrangements of neo liberal policies and imperialist inflicted puppets running  Nigeria will continue to plug it to endless  poverty and injustice.

I have seen gory pictures and worrisome videos emerging from the ongoing so called “python” dance by the Nigeria Army, but it’s important to let you know that Nigeria military and Paramilitary are well known for clueless and reckless handling of issues like this,  don’t  forget, Fela Anikulapo  once referred to them as “zombies”, the alleged killing of hundreds of members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (ISM) on December 12,2015 and many other reported cases are evidence that shows and affirmed my position on their clueless and recklessness, let me also buttress this fact to you that many of those you see in military uniform today  are not doing it willingly they’re  doing it for survival sake and they can be ruthless in their operations anytime. while those that wish and ready to do the work are wasting in many part of the country, because nepotism in Nigeria today was giving upper hand as most men on the army uniform got the job through the back door.

I have participated in many rallies  and i have seen rank and file security officials lamenting more than myself, for lack of commensurable salaries and allowances.  They’re frustrated in the system by the top military echelon, but there is nothing they can do since no one is there to speak for them and they are bond from challenging authority and that’s why Fela Kuti name tag them as

” Zombies”, in his song.

I was in court during your days of detention,for five different times so I write as an insider and also a born Nigeria and i want a country where justice, peace, development, progress and love can reign. I want to say  that my believe in Nigeria’s unity  is not negotiable. I support restructuring but not the type that will handover more power to the rogues ruling class while the poor and common man continue to suffer amidst abundance.  I also want  you to note that Nigeria of today is mixed in all geo-political zones that any attacks on any tribe can get a reprisal attack from any part of the country.  To this end, i want to make it known to you that the earlier you change your methods the better for us so as to avert a part two of Nigeria Biafra civil war and also avoid bloodshed.

Thank you ,

Dimeji Macaulay,


twitter @dimejimacaulay.

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