Open letter: Drop all charges against Varney Jarsey

Bellow is the open letter to the Liberia authority. We are happy that Varney Jarsey  have been released on fourth  of this month. However, we call on the Liberia authority to drop charges against Varney Jarsey  NOW.

Photo: Varney Jarsey dragged by police



His Excellency,

George Manneh Weah,

The President of Republic of Liberia.



The Ambassador, Republic of Liberia,

Embassy of the Republic of Liberia,

Cadastral Zone A0,

Independence Avenue, Near United Nations House,

Central Business District, Abuja.


Dear Sir,



This is a letter of protest against the continued detention of one Varney Jarsey, the leader of Student Union whom is being detained by the Liberian Government over an alleged case of rape. Varney has being held since the 21st day of September, 2016 and up till now has not been tried by any court of competent jurisdiction.

It is disheartening and heart breaking that a young man with promising future who is also a vibrant leader will be thrown into a dungeon unjustifiably because of his activism, uncompromising attitude and his doggedness in defending the rights of Students.

To put him behind bars for over 17 months without trial is purely barbaric and inhumane and contrary to the tenets of democracy in this 21st Century. This is an infringement of his Fundamental Human Rights to dignity. It is also against the Liberia’s Constitution and other International Human Rights Laws and Instruments.

This is a deliberate attack to clamp a young person like him, it portends evil to the country which will make young people fear to fight for their rights to education in the country. Hence, I write to call your attention to use your good office to intervene in this matter so that justice will be served.

Please note that I and my fellow comrades will embark on protest actions at your Embassies in African countries, particularly Nigeria if in 30 days we did not hear from you on this matter.

I shall appreciate any appropriate measure you may embark upon.

Yours Sincerely,


Dimeji Macaulay,

Northern Coordinator, Education Rights Campaign (ERC), Nigeria

Media Manager, Centre for Human Rights and Social Advancement (CEFSAN)


CC: Amnesty International, Nigeria

All news media

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