Olumide Olaniyan Set To Launch His Collection Of Poems

Olumide Olaniyan  invite the general public to launching of his book  titled “Lucidity of Absurdity “on 6 of July , 2017 at Denis hotel, Wuse 2, Abuja. The time is 9am.



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Olumide Olaniyan @ a glance

Olumide Olaniyan is an Abuja based writer, political economy analyst and peacebuilding specialist. Lucidity of Absurdity is published by Kraft Book Limited, Nigeria in March 2017. He has published a numbers of short stories in newspapers and other media, Lucidity of Absurdity is his maiden published collection of poems.

About the Book:

Lucidity of Absurdity written by Olumide Olaniyan is a newly published collection of poems that narrates human struggle for existence and progress. It focuses on issues of power relations, impact of environmental degradation, human differences and everyday trials that have rooted individuals and societies to their varying human conditions. Lucidity of Absurdity published by Kraft Book Limited, Ibadan, Nigeria in March 2017 has been listed amongst “5 hot books released this year”. [Daily Trust 3rd June 2017].

The book contains 60 poems and is divided into five parts:

Part one focuses on politics and powers relations between the rulers and the people.

Part two highlights the issue of environmental degradation and its impact on human vicissitudes, it tracks how human despoliation of the ecosystem in their greed to accumulate has boomeranged and worsened relationship between human and nature.

Part three explains why the pendulum of power swings always in the direction of the privileged class and frontrunners and how this absurdity orders social organisation and stratification.

Part four dwells on human capacity to love and their struggle with innate sensuality based on socialisation, morality and related sociocultural ethos, it emphasises that actions have consequences.

Part five expounds on realism of human conditions – birth, fate and death, etc., it explores philosophical thoughts – irrationalism, experientialism and existentialism, etc., to explain human behaviour.



Salamander Cafe. Wuse 2. Abuja
Booksellers Bookshop. City Plaza.Garki 2. Abuja.

Booksellers Bookshop, Jericho Road, Ibadan

Booksellers Bookshop, Owan Str. Near WAEC, Yaba, Lagos.
Amab Bookshop. Minna

Twangafrica.com (online bookshop store in Nigeria, can deliver hardcopy at your door steps)


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