NWA 2017 Election: Itama emerge President Elect

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Mr. Pius Itama has been re-elected National President Nigerian Welders Association while Mr.Austine Eugene elected national  Vice President of the association  with 34 votes against Mr. Ubong Offidede with 2 votes.
The election, held at the Bajju town hall in Kaduna Yesterday amidst national delegates cut across the 36 States of the Federation .
Mr. Daniel Moses emerge national Provost of the association unopposed , Ali Umaru emerged national President 2 un-opposed , Sunday Enegbenadion clinched the position of the national Pro with 21 votes against Mr. Jonathan Obassi with 18 votes, while Mr.Samuel Oyedele ascend to the position of Financial Secretary un-opposed.
The president elect assured its members to instill discipline and bring the association to a limelight,” We are endowed with the problems facing this association over the years, we are duty bound to tackle the challenges arising from indiscipline.
”We’ll separate those who are causing problem in the association and they will be handed over to the constitutrional authourity  to be dealt with. We have las that guide us and we must adhere to them.
”We are going to setup a committee that will addressed the problems and and modifies ways of resolving the challenges facing the association,”He said.
He disclosed that,” The association was officially registered on the 28th December,1985 by the Ministry of Internal affairs and duly signed by (Rtd) colonel Shagaya adding, the membership of the association cut across the Federation professional Welders not roadside Welders.
”This professional body has People who carry out major projects in this Country cut across Water pipelines, Power pipe operations,Refinery Gas pipilines construction amongst many others.
The president further commended the present administration that is checkmating the issues of indiscipline and corruption, he however, call on the governement to accord his members with contract.
The vice President on his part maintained that,” The association has brought People who are efficient that can pilot the affairs of the association to move it forward.
”We’ll fight vigorously for what is right for us as indigenous Professional Welders so that we can be able to quell and contend the challenges that is facing the association.
 The association presented an award of excellence to Mr.Sikiru Babatunde Chairman Nigerian Welders Association Zone J.
By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

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