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The above phrase is what I considered important out of all Mr. President’s speech on his arrival after along medical vacation in London. During President Mohammadu Buhari’s absence, the country was placed in a fearful mood as sectional agitations, and unguarded comments praying for the old man’s demise kept trending on the social media. Among committee of Nations Nigeria played a very key role, a country unique in diversity but what I don’t understand most recently is the current agitation for a lost course.

The way igbo youths are taken the Biafra ideology made me wonder if they were briefed on the Nigerian/Biafra civil war. The moment they heard any one criticizing Nnamdi Kanu for brain washing the youths, all you get is insults, unguarded words and empty threats.  My experience after a few seconds interview granted to an online TV station 20th august 2017 made me know that most Nnamdi Kanu’s supporters are either uneducated, or were to occupied to think of the aftermath of their actions. What surprised me the next day after the interview was the attitude of those so called Biafra’s in Diaspora towards me, there silly attitude had  changed my mindset towards igbo’s in Diaspora,  my former thought is when any man or woman travels out of the country his sense of reasoning should be transformed but reverse has being the case, the enchanted referendum has not found it roots in our 1999 constitution why then should they continue the enchantments ? What I expected the agitators to do is to lobby the igbo senators to have it passed not wasting time on what will never come to pass.

I may not be wrong for saying that Nnamdi kanu has succeeded in brain washing our youths to believe in what Late col. Odumegu Ojukwu fought, lost and ran for self exile to a neighboring country living his supporters to suffer untold hardship, many dead and some suffered amputation and so on. But Ojukwu who created the problem returned to the country unharmed. The unleashed of death, war treat and hauling of insults on social media will never stop us from saying the truth and as soon as most concern individuals finished reading this piece which happens to be my own opinion, hauls of insult will continue to  relish.

For Mark Essien once said “If you have an idea that is not working, drop it and try something else. Keep iterating until you have something that works”  Nnamdi Kanu’s Idea is not working, but to only push youths to indulge in crime which will one day land them trouble.

One appraisable fact is, the success of igbo businessmen are more visible in major parts of Nigeria.  Having much  investment in the north, south and the southern Nigeria. But these Biafra agitators are only restricted to Anambra and few igbo lands with no or few investment and having no vision of extending their travel experience to other part of the country. The primary activity of these agitators is to constantly promote hate speeches accompanied with treat of war break, talking arrogantly to either their state governor or the seating president as if they will never see the seat of leadership some day. This attitude is displayed by youths of eighteen and forty five years who are energetic and even some are still in Nigeria higher institution eating Nigeria food while the elderly sat back and watch without  words of caution forgotten that when things get out of hand and the government raised to its feet all cry to God for divine intervention.

The igbo elites are good people to work with, this people have build bridges of peace, love and harmony and sustaining friendship within and outside the country starting from the likes of Zik, Peter Obi, Okorocha, prof. soludo, Ezekwesili among others. But these igbo youths had lost touch with current reality embracing lies and deceit and having strong grip on secession without knowing the aftermath implication.

An educated igbo man who had travelled far and near believes in Nigeria unity, the igbo’s in the north vying for political positions were given, while some were appointed special advisers to governors, local government and the rest while those in the west are treated in like manner. But this is hardly experienced in most igbo land as they see themselves to be more superior to every Nigerians.

Calling Nigeria “zoo” and insulting it leaders is an act of non-challancy promoted by the IPOB leader Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, a man whose family are kept in the comfort of another man’s land, a man who has neither factory nor estate in Nigeria, but if this enchanted war should break, who suffers and who gain? Nnamdi kanu’s father,  HRH Eze Israel Kanu is a chief in the country he called “zoo” a very laughable scenario and so ridiculous, however surprising to note that the supreme leader never know how to go about achieving his agenda of creating a sovereign state without treat.

The most provocative one is the Arewa youths whose counter response made me to wonder if this so called group are really promoting oneness or putting the country on a fearful mood, Arewa that should work towards holding the northern governors and law makers accountable for not freeing the electorate from shackles of poverty, going round most northern states only few enjoys dividend of democracy while the rest are placed on cage of poverty waiting for Gods intervention.

Can I call my country a state of mad youths? Off course no. for Nigeria is country where freedom of information is abused and the social media is used to promote wickedness instead of love and harmony, a country where youths and adults pray for the demise of its seating president without justifiable reason forgotten that sickness a burden every one must carry.

The unity of Nigeria is not negotiable, let all group come together and build an inhabiting country for all, let the igbo youths step down high horse and let have a one Nigeria, it is now time for individual purge of heart

Long live Nigeria, God bless the people of Nigeria

By: Comr. Paul Edoh (Jnr )

An Abuja based columnist and Education Activist

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