Nigeria and Restructuring: Stopping war mongers and false prophets  by Lanre Arogundade


Nigeria and Restructuring: Stopping war mongers and false prophets .
So much rubbish from Anglo Abdulahi these days. Having killed students in ABU in the 1980s he provoked nation wide protests that led to the killing of many more students across the country. Apparently, he is interested in more blood letting with his repeatedly stated chauvinistic statements.

Truly, the Leopard does not change its skin as I recall that NANS under the leadership of late Chris Abashi said the Committee of Vice Chancellors had become Committee of Vicious Characters under Ango Abdulahi’s chairmanship. We must stop him from leading another set of vicious elements while he and his ilks must be told in plain language that the contraption called Nigeria is a colonial political deceit and that the so-called unity of Nigeria cannot be said to be non-negotiable. 

We differ and stress again that Nigeria’s unity must be democratically negotiated by her peoples and not taken for granted. From Adaka Boro’s declaration of Niger Delta republic to Ojukwu’s proclamation of Biafra; from the western Nigeria political turmoil to the first military and subsequent army coups; from the Middle Belt revolt to Zangon Kataf riots to the continuing southern Kaduna agitations; from the civil war to the creation of states and demands for more even when existing ones are failing; from the Ogoni uprising to Odua movement of all shades, the Egbesu movement, Niger Delta militancy to renewed Biafran agitations; from Boko Haram to killer herdsmen, etc, it would amount to playing the silly Ostrich to pretend that all is well with Nigeria.

We do indeed need the instrumentally of a democratically (not handpicked) elected sovereign national conference to discuss the type of Nigeria that we the people want and can work for us including but not limited to the type of political and economic system, the types of government, resource management etc.
The labour movement, the trade unions, the working class and their allies in the socialist, youth and students movements; the professionals, the media, etc must start playing a frontal role in this demand giving the diverse nature of their membership and the fact that they can rightly claim a pan-Nigerian mandate. 

Not to do so is to continue to surrender the political space to coupists, looters, economic under developers, human rights violators and therefore, fundamentally, the principal architects of Nigeria’s social, economic and ethnically coloured political crisis who are nothing but fake apostles of restructuring.


Lanre Arogundade is formal  president of NANS 1983-1985, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) 1994-1998 

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