Nigeria Police: Is your bailing process really free

Nigerian Police women forced by their superior to carry placard with a boldly written tag: “Bail is free” but how true is this bail when detained suspect are most time asked to pay certain amount as a bailing procedure.  the price is not too constant as it ranges from;

N 10,000, N 20,000, N 50,000, and a Hundred N 100, 000. Depending on the nature of the case but civil cases bailing process starts from N 5000- 10,000. Our team of reporters who storm one of the Police station in Abuja happens to ask a Police officer who pleads unanimous, told our team of reporters that ” if you are arrested and ask to stay in the behind canter, you pay the sum of

N 5000 for bail but if the suspect is not placed behind canter but caged in the cell, he or she will had to pay N 10,000 depending on the gravity of the case”

Conscience reporters pressed further to know what this bailing fees are meant for and whose pocket is the money entering despite its campaign for free bail but no cogent reasons were giving as effort to speak with the FCT commissioner of Police as at the time of filing this report proves abortive .

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