Nigeria need to break down is central grid to solve power problem-Micheal Oluwagbemi


In an interview with Conscience Radio, Mr Michael Oluwagbemi the chairman of AFRILAB and also the co founder of WENNOVATION Hub expressed concern on present Nigeria situation and worried about complicated situation that Nigeria have gotten herself into.

His early beginning is an inspiration for younger generation, he hails from Ikole Ekiti, he was determined to change the history from his parents that are lower middle class and base on salary and pray for promotion to that of Job Creator. This he seem to have achieved.

At the age of thirteen he started a business and at the age of fifteen he published cartoons and sold thousand of it all around getting huge money from it.

Which a lot help him to have enough when he got admission into the University of Lagos at the age of fifteen. He draw inspiration from is grandfather who is a business tycoon in the 1900s.
He has two degrees in Electrical Engineering, even though starting in civil engineering at University of Lagos but ultimately his qualification was in electrical engineering at A & M University in Texas, United States called with a Graduate Degree  in Electrical Engineering at the age of twenty-one and going on to become the youngest Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas, United State of America at the age of twenty six (26) a typical achievement obtained by many at 60. He obtained his MBA from the University of London, and he is also a Project Management Professional as well as serial entrepreneur.
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