Nigeria Navy Captain Dogara Multi Million Naira house exposed


Located at the out sketch of Gwarinpa new layout Abuja,

at R. S TAHR Street Gwarinpa,  the multi million naira building is owned by a Nigerian Navy Captain Dogara.

available report states that; a Nigerian Navy captain earns:

N 3,380,086

while Admirals earns, N 16,303,140, Rear-Admiral earns,

N 12,038,945 and Commodore earns, N 7,385,856.

If a captain whose salary is not up to that of his Boss will start building a multi-million Naira mansion in an expensive location in the federal capital city of Nigeria Abuja what kind of house will Generals whose salaries double his own will put up?.

worst of all is, the army officer took to destroying farmers crops and economy trees at this hard time of economic recession without sympathy due to the fact that he is an army officer.


Photo: ConscienceTv

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