For I always miss your smiles
And the grip of your friendship


These forehands,
That massages the heart
Of your seductive wailing
Each time we ‘misbehave together’
On the altar of darling drills
That scuttles all moral logic,
Will never wave the obvious!


You know, Iwalewa
That the map of our love
Has only borders of zero lines.
Even their geography of social divisions
Strolled eternal as prevailing thoughts
Has been shattered by those moments
Of moonlight hide-and-seek.


‘Young man, you have to be spanked!’
With dazzling slaps and tickles
That alarms my downbell…


You remember?


But the oppressors got spanked more
And of course, got stoned at Ife!


And hear this sha-
I never stop laughing
Remembering those days of pains
Serial cries we strove to defeat
In the oneness of our radical resolves.


Pains must not be massaged
But missing you is an eternal fever


Let me shame the pangs of love
And remind you of a creed
That tonic that clipped us
More lovely than my love-
The war for another world.


Please don’t ever lose your guard…


That I know, is one great way,
To never stop missing me!
By Adekunle Wizeman

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