Methods Nigeria politicians use to deceived the masses when they need their votes.

Both successful and present Nigeria ruling class are guilty of empty promises but there are a lot of funs in their campaign gimmicks and how masses get deceived by this these gimmick.


This is what they do every four years to get people’s votes.


They would enter Keke Maruwa  (Public transport)with the people.

They would eat sugarcane on the road.

They would help poor lady to fry akara (Beans Cake) by the road side.

They would help nursing mother to carry her baby and roast corn by the road side.

They would turn to hairdresser to show they can multi-task.

They would help roast plantain after which they would plan afterward to stop your feeding for your mouth without alternatives.

They would sleep on bug ridden bed to show that they care for students in hotel; afterwards they won’t change the same bed.

They would help you sell ponmo (meat flesh), give you rice and cease to pay salaries despite the fact that they have cornered billions from the poor through  inflicted and dubious contract which they have stockpiled in soakways , water tanks and banks.

They would wear uniform to show they are with the students as if they know students worries and problems, they are most deceptive. Is time to let them know this politics is not for show.

The above make me remember what Femi Kuti said in one of his album titled “Politics Na Big Business”

Politicians make more speeches, politicians use the same tactics just to win election and after election all promise canceled. Politicians will say what the people want to hear and see when people’s votes are needed.


Today, it is painful of what our rogues’ politician has turned Nigeria into; we must not give up on this politics because it is the hope for the voiceless.

Bellow is the photos of different politicians
























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