Maternal Health: CISCLAC Train CSOs On Budget Tracking

 To reduce the risk of maternal mortality  deaths amongst pregnant Women in Kaduna State,  Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre in partnership with Macarthur trained civil Society organizations, on how to track budget meant to enhance adequate utilization of funds budgeted for maternal health care.

Speaking at a one day training for CSOs on Budget tracking in maternal health organized by civil Society legislative Advocacy Centre (CISSLAC) with support from Macarthur Foundation on Thursday in Kaduna, the program manager Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre,(CISSLAC) Miss. Chioma  Kanu, disclosed that,” the aimed of the Budget tracking training for CSOs is to see how budget located for maternal health are been judiciously utilize.

“Appropriate budget tracking improves service delivery, exposes corruption and mismanagement, empowers civil society to demand accountability, and builds constructive Executive-Legislative-CSOs working relationship on maternal health service delivery.

“The bench mark for UN allocated for maternal health is 15 percent but 10 percent of that money has never been executed only 2-3 percent. We don’t have enough money to tackle our health challenges,” the program manager added.

Photo:Cross section of people at the programme 

According to her,” If those who are given the mandate to manage the resources for maternal health understands they are been monitored by CSOs and media organizations they will ensure judicious utilization of the funds allocated for any projects.

Mr. Iliya Kure, a media specialist In his paper presentation title, “understanding the role of CSOs in monitoring and tracking maternal health budget said,” charge CSOs to always pressurise in engaging relevant agencies to compare the actual spending to what was budgeted at the beginning of the period.

He maintained that,” budget tracking strengthen service delivery, as budgets are implemented, reduces corruption and crime,”He added.

“CSOs should look at the entire budget document to see whether money intended for certain sector (eg health, education,roads) is allocated to the relevant departments is being spent as intended.”

He however urged the participants to always strive to look at specific area of interests in state’s budget and try to follow it meaningful conclusion in the interest of the common Man.

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