Manchester Arena: 19 dead after explosion at Ariana Grande concert – latest updates

MRI accident and emergency department is in “complete lockdown” according to staff. “It’s a crime scene,” said one, pointing to police forensics officers who are going in and out of the hospital with clear plastic evidence bags.

Police officers are guarding the doors, behind two red signs saying “major incident – no entry”. As ambulances began to arrive around midnight, staff cleared A&E of all patients unconnected to the Arena blast.

Throughout the night relatives have arrived to see if their loved ones are here. Some have found them. Others get back in their car or taxi and check the next hospital.

MANCHESTER, 23 May 2017 - A fleet of ambulances arriving at Manchester Victoria railway station and arena where two suspected bomb explosions are reported to have killed at least 19 concert goers as they left a performance by Ariana Grande. Christopher Thomond for The Guardian.
Ambulances arriving at Manchester Arena on Monday night. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian.
Police say they are currently treating the explosion as a suspected terrorist attack.

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