MALAYE’S RECALL: Gov. Yahaya Bello’s speech a double edged sword.

I want to bring to the fore the ugly trend emanating from  Lokoja the Kogi state capital yesterday under the very watch of the youngest governor the state ever produced, violence, leaching of political opponents and disruption of peaceful protest is on the loss. Is it wrong to vote in an Igbira man as a governor of the state?
In democracy, freedom of information and the right for peaceful demonstration is given upper hand but in some states in Nigeria, reverse has always being the case.
senator Dino is being manhunt for saying the truth and for that, some person were bent at removing him from his seat, his peaceful protest that was turn bloody by men of the under word,simply because he criticized the governor for not paying workers salaries, keeping the whole higher institutions on lock and keys despite all allocation collected from Abuja.

His peaceful protest which was disrupted left five persons dead, among whom was a student of the state polytechnic Lokoja which has been on lock and key. If the school had been on session he(the deceased) wouldn’t have died,  but the inability of the state  governor to resolve lingering striking issue  by the state lecturers kept him and the rest at home.
with the recent official speech of the governor’s aid, i don’t need the gift of clairvoyance to know that the killings was masterminded by some political war lords in the state and that these killers have no pang of conscience,

To this end, i urge Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello to look in the direction of bettering the lives of his people and should also dove tail effectively into the APC change mantra project. More importantly the governor should as a matter of urgency help salvage the people of Lokoja from kidnapping and armed robbery which have been on the loose over recent time.
It is on record that, this is the first time a leader  would emerge from from the minority tribe in kogi ( Egbira) he should use these opportunity to build indisputable record for himself.

For onyegbule to have said that senator Dino is plunging the state into needless political violence has really shown that, this administration is not ready to accommodate Senator Dino who is an integral member of the state. And as such should be given equal right and not be treated as an alien for holding a personal
Comrade Paul Edoh Jnr
An Abuja based columnist and an education Activist.

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