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Born in port Harcourt, the river state capital, to an idoma father and a beautiful mother from the Kalabari Kingdom of the Niger Delta. Traveled  across states to  settle in the Nation’s capital city  Abuja. Miss Amina Aboje is a true Nigerian and a proud African. The Biochemistry graduate turned literary icon of idoma kingdom is indeed a trailblazer.

Her foray into the literary world started from her childhood. As a child, when

Ever she flips through pages of books written be other authors, her dream of writing a book pops up, her first published work became a dream come through. Amina is a strong thinker who love quite environment and she is also a lover of nature. For great thinkers are records breakers.

No wonder, her poem top the Abuja writer’s forum contest in 2016.

The Award winning author had a cool personality interview with the feature editor of conscience radio Abuja Tuesday 18th July 2017 at the Yaradua centre.

Exploring into Amina’s life and her journey into the literary world is breath taking, as she welcomes all asked questions with ease.

In this interview, she talks on the inspirations behind her recently published poem collection promises on sands

You won the 2016 mandela day short story and poetry competition organized by the Abuja’s writer’s forum in collaboration with the south African embassy, and you won the poem category.

What inspire you?

‘well, what I can say really inspired  me was the late mandella’s experience in incarceration, I imagine what it is to be denied freedom for over a decade and still stick to a particular course of freedom, in spite of all these, he holds no charges against his jailers.’

Can you explain what the Abuja writer’s forum is?

‘Hmmm, if am to describe it, I will continue till infinity. This is a house (forum) that mould writer’s, they are just the best. The forum has different sections; the review section, the guest writer’s section, and the music section just to mention but a few. The sections helps in moulding the heart of every writer to what you are see today, most times, established authors are invited to talk on their works and we seat to listen, by listening you learn. While the review section freely help in correcting all errors in your yet to be publish book. They encourage upcoming writers too, my book cannot go out without passing through the forum’.

Is the forum

only for Abuja writers

‘Nooooo, is for everybody not reserve for the Abuja writers.’

Ma, in a phone conversation with you the other day, you faulted the address; Poet Amina Aboje, why?

‘yes, because I do both poem and Novel, today am a poet and if my novel should be out what will you call me?’

What spur you into writing ?

‘Is simply my love for creativity?’

Name your three most read books?

‘Ah !,  I have read so many books’

How many books have you written?

I have written many, but have published just one and the book  I started with are motivational books, when I was a child, I read so many story books I say to myself, one day I will write for people to read.’





I heard you say; you do both poetry and fiction, couple with the fact that, poem comes in stanza’s and novel in chapters. How then do you coup with writing two?

Hmmm, who told you? They are both stories, they flow, I write as they come but choose the way they should go depending on what happens in the society because the society influences your writing’

Some poets are also creative in other areas such as; Drama, and the rest, apart from novel, do you agree?

‘yes, depending on the author, and am equally thinking of venturing into drama too.’

Poet tend to have favorite poets they see as role model ma, who is your role model?

My role model are; Robert Frost and  Gabriel Okara’

Many poet tend to use different methods for their writing, some write on paper and then transmit  to their blog, others type their work on paper.

I do traditional style, i.e. writing on papers. The very day I told my friends I don’t type first o, I write on paper, read and edit before typing they were all shock. Yes, that’s how I flow, I want to be African, I want to be real, I just flow like that’

Poems come in styles, some in free style and Haiku while others come in Rhyming. Which one do you prefer?

I do all’

What influences your writing?

The society, the events, the happenings, mention them. They all form part of your stories’

You have been writing for quite a while now, what effort have you made to see your work appear in the FCT secondary education curriculum?

I am doing something about that, for promises on sand to scale through’.

What is your message for Nigerians

‘ my message to Nigerians is; this country belongs to all of us not to some few privilege individuals and as such we must work together to achieve a common goal’


Ma, can you please, end this interview with a two line poem of your choice?

‘please, can i make it three lines? I want it three and aim going to pick it from

‘promises on sound’s bleeding Africa; the land brims with gold, the emperor strips and plunder and the people sweat blood with blood.’





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