Let’s Unite To Build One Nigeria

 Elisha kayode
The debut reason behind my calmness or silence over Nigeria’s
political epilepsy is the fact that Nigeria does not only  possess the
highest corrupt leaders in the world but the highest wicked and
selfish leaders in disguise who can never and will never stop
displaying the spirit of I don’t care and ghoulish attitude towards
their followers, these leaders are full of fallacy and threatening actions when ever they are loosing, now they have succeeded in building walls of tribal and religious sentiments among people and these has always been their bases of threats, repentance has never filtered it’s way into their stony hearts for,in the media their deceptive words is  “we love ourselves as Nigeria, we are one and we can’t disintegrate”, on hearing this, we clap and hail them for deceiving us.
Nigerians are always in a hurry to believe and too eager to achieve but sluggish to sacrifice towards the development of the state, no wonder our colonial masters couldn’t develop the country well enough before their hurried departure because our earlier clamoring for Independence forced them out, while patient countries like Ghana, South Africa and some other African countries which Nigeria is giant over have their colonial masters lasted well enough with them and that is why they complain less about disunity, corruption and high profiled insurgency but here the more we complain the more they are being unified, (deceptive politicians). No wonder an angry lion is a hungry lion, they say. you don’t expect the people to fold their arms and watch these so called shady politicians who are just there to represent their immediate families and ready to use the people’s mandate to boost their selfish interest, have their dreams destroyed and the future of unborn generation toyed with. We have been denied of basic social amenities in the past, we were deceived and misled but we hope and thank God for the present Government. I think a lot need to be fixed for the sustainability of democracy and the unity of this great country, it is also a clarion call to the National Character Commission, National Orientation Agency to rise to their mandated functions, the media also has forgotten the role it needs to play in the nation building process, it caused me tears how insurgency, and clamour for disintegration have suddenly been given praise by the social and print media. Forgotten the huge role of unity they needs to play here as well as our judicial which is seen as the only hope for the common man, supporting the new Administration to build a new Nigeria where peace and justice shall reign shall not be seen as alien.
For overheating the polity  will not help us, the chant for disintegration will pay us no good for the resultant effect of these is far bigger than what is anticipated.

Elisha  Isah Kayode wrote this from Abuja Nigeria and can be reached on;

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