Kogi Youth: Where is your pride?

 Senator Dino
The recent recall of senator Dino Melaye by some selfish and self centered Kabba youths is really a show of shame.  And this had really shown how retrogressive these youths are, it is idiocy to be deceived and carrying placards on issues not worth hearing. After being ripped dry by these enemies of  democracy, all Kogi youths could do is to raise a voice against the pride of Kabba.
 These Youths that supposed to demand for the dividends of democracy from the APC government of governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state, are now standing four square against the man whose voice has caused earthquake in the Nigeria’s corridors of power. These youth rose against Dino Melaye for small crumbs of bread that falls daily from the table of top Kogi politicians. It’s a pity that these youths are still according respect to these enemies of democracy, thieves and liars. The voice echoing for the call of Senator Dino is from pit of hell and is what I termed ‘dog-eat-dog mentality what is the gain of recalling Dino?.  These youths have forgotten that their senatorial zone has been in a deep dish of silence over the years not until a patriots and a fearless activist came to give them succor.
They ( the Kabba youth) should have it in mind that, the recall of Dino will no doubt brings about colossal backwardness to the people of his community and the entire people of Kogi west which comprises of; Kabba, Jumu,Yagba East and Yagba West. Yes Kogi has three senators representing them but only Dino’s voice is heard in the hollow chamber, the rest could either be sleeping or not knowing what to say. It is never out of place to say that, ‘ Dino’s vibrancy and his avowal stand on issues pertaining the masses is costing him the seat’. I wonder why people hates truths? no wonder truth they say is bitter. If  not why should they demand the recall of such a man in this generation of wickedness, a generation where almost all political office holders are synonymous with corruption forgotten the mandate they carry.
The sudden recall denof the lion of Kabba came after his verbal attack on Gov. Yahaya Bello in the hollow chamber, according to him, ” Kogi is been reported to be the highest indebted State with fifteen months unpaid salaries, the higher institutions in the state is under lock and keys for over four months. Despite the release of bail out funds by the federal government, and that if the second bail out funds is released, these indebted governors will still not pay”. Senator Dino’s avowal stand is for the people to feel the impact of good governance but now that the essence of the collected federal allocation has been defeated my question is, why should such leaders “indebted governors” still remain on seat and the youths still kept mute?. The fearless senator is right for moving a motion to halt more released of funds because the result of the released ones have not been enjoyed. This is what led the men of other world to envy Dino’s seat thereby sponsoring hungry youths to stage protest in Abuja.
What has Dino done to deserve a recall ?, Senator Dino started having problems right from when he had a face to face words exchange with Senator Oluremi Tinubu, as if his sins have been forgiven by some men who hates the truth, the Ali must go issue crept up and he still stood his ground on reasons why a custom boss should wear the uniform of the organization he represent. His stern for what he so believed in landed him in a certificate mess he narrowly escaped, the men of under world had used different means to bring him down but truth still prevail. Not quit long, his home in Kabba was attacked but God saw him through, but his invaded residence was left with bullet marks.
now the jobless sponsored youth have took to the streets calling for the recall of the most vibrant senator for baseless reasons.
I weep for Kogi, when a seating governor will just keep the whole state higher institutions on lock and keys for months, pensioners frustrated, some workers sacked for alleged case of forgery and so on, workers are owe salaries.What is the governor doing with the FAAC allocation given to him? are these reasons not enough to unseat the governor Gov. Yahaya Bello? What sin did Mr. Dino committed to warrant ganging up against him. Kogi youths stand up and match for the removal of a sleeping governor who has choose to trade your future for cheap gain, not a vibrant senator who has refuse to a call a black kettle white.
The right time to have a rethink is now and don’t allow yourself to be used, for if Dino should leave today, it won’t reduce him, neither will it render him jobless but the youths and the good people of Kogi will suffer under a leadership whose heart can not be twist.
God bless Kabba people, God bless the federal republic of Nigeria, God bless (Chief) senator Dino Melaye

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