Kaduna Police Murdered Protest Leader In Kaduna


Photo: Killed Activist Cedar 

The Pan African Federalist Movement (PAFM) just disclosed to our correspondence that one of her vibrant Benue state coordinator  have been gruesomely murdered by the Nigerian Police force.

According to the source who made the information available to news men in the early hours of today, the deceased who until his sudden demise from the planet earth was a 300 Level (HND1) student of the Department of Mineral Resources, Kaduna state Polytechnic, Kaduna. Was killed by some police officers attached to the Sabon Gari Police Station in Kaduna on Sunday 25th day of June, 2017.

Comrade Cedar as he is popularly called is a Benue born indigene from the Tiv extraction was arrested during a peaceful demonstration and after a while the deceased was separated from his colleagues for interrogation and the next day, he was found dead in a high way. According to report, there were no signs of gun shots but his body were filled with injuries sustain as a result of several beating from the Nigerian Police men Sabon Gari Police station.

A Police man who spoke with conscience radio from the Sabon Gari Police station told news men that, the late Cedar was mistakenly shot when his driver refused to stop at the police check point.

But all effort to get the District Police Officer to speak to us at the period of filling this report proved abortive.

Activists has commenced campaign to seek justice and get to the root of the matter with hatch tag #JUSTICE4CEDAR




Greetings African people,
It is with heavy heart and a heart full of tears that I publicly announce the death of one of our patriotic and hardworking state coordinators of the Pan African Federalist Movement (PAFM) Nigeria. We regret to announce the death of Cedar Evangrin the Benue State coordinator of PAFM Nigeria who was killed by Police men. According to other comrades in Kaduna, they (under Cedar leadership) staged a protest and were arrested by the police men. At the station they were separated from Cedar as they saw him as the group leader. The comrades said that the next day he was found dead at the highway with legs and hands broke without gun shots. Though, the Police reported that he was shot at a checkpoint when the driver of his taxi failed to stop. This is truly injustice my beloved bloods.

We have lost one of our own and we must get to the root of this injustice; he was a law abiding citizen and had due respect for the Nigerian laws. On behalf of the PAFM Nigerian team, we heartily condole with the family of our blood and pray they have the mind to bear the big loss.

Brother Cedar, you will always live in our hearts and we must avenge your death. Ride on my foot soldier; till we meet again. Be rest assured that we must avenge your death


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