“Ours is not to lament, but to understand”-Spinoza
“I want justice. I don’t want the killers of my son to go unpunished. He was just a little boy, he was not armed. I don’t know if I can bear this.”_Isaiah Igboanusi
Governor Rochas Okorocha has murdered a ten year-old Somtochukwu Igboanusi for protesting against the unruly and illegal demolitions and destructions of the Ekwe-Ukwu market in Owerri. Somtochukwu’s father owns a shop in the market.
We in the UAD calls on all citizens not to just get angry nor weep nor mourn for the dead. The killing is highly proverbial to us all. To get what the rulers want at any level, “blood and mud” is trampled upon. Our lives and properties make NO meaning to those who rule us. We are only important when they want to seek our votes to continue oppressing and looting our commonwealth dry.
The Nigerian rulers across all the big parties are massively anti-poor. They not only steal our labour, but also our lands. Then then destroy our properties and trade when we even try to survive without their care or aid. Yet, the wealth they are usurping belongs to us all.
What Okorocha has done is habitual with all our rulers. In Lagos for example, peoples’s lands are stolen without apologies with the recent ones at Otodo Gbame and Iwaya. The demolitions and destruction of properties are done without recourse to dialogue or courtesy. Without notice or democratic evacuation; thugs in uniforms and mufti are deployed to shoot and kill at sight. In Otodo Gbame, the Lagos state government and its thugs killed over 22 persons with only four bodies recovere and deposited in the mortuary.
Also in Portharcourt, Governor Nyesome Wike has been demolishing peoples’s homes, calling them criminal hide-outs. The UAD Rivers state have rightly responded that “criminals don’t live in shanties nor slums nor informal settlements, they live in estates and duplexes just like the case of Evans!”
UAD calls on all activists and lovers of justice to be part of the plans to hold a grand mass protests and rallies to stop the illegal demolitions in Imo and others states, as well as a Candle-light procession for the late matryr- Somtochukwu Igbonuasi. We need actions now more than ever. Our rulers are demonic and hugely barbaric. No oceans of cries and lamentations will shake them. This is why Okorocha has not shown any remorse nor sympathize with the dead since the inhuman murder.
We are done crying. We cannot to bear their guts mocking us as “wailing wailers.” The time to unite and act against this class war is NOW!
May the blood of Somtochukwu continue to hunt his killers and water the seeds of social revolution!
Kunle Wizeman Ajayi,
General Secretary.

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