High-level mediocrity: Major Problem of Apa-Agatu Federal Constituency


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It is a necked reality that the major problem of the Apa-Agatu federal constituency is no other but the voting of wrong persons into elective positions every four years.

The primary elections of various political parties have come and gone which have given every electorate a compass to navigate their PVC movement.

2019 the good people of Apa-Agatu will head to the poll with their PVC to elect a new face to represent them in the green chamber of the National Assembly Abuja. A law maker, grounded and equipped with the law making procedure to represent and present their case to Nigerians after twenty years of improper representation.

While super and die hard party faithful are seating coloring the cyber space with praises and posters of their aspirants.  These aspirants are always with a penchant for the spectacular, are already strutting the political landscape, trying to outdo one another through bill bolds and posters etc.

And most surprisingly, youths of Agatu has thrown the retrogressive and anachronistic concept of zoning into the boxing ring thus making the whole scenario boring while the issue of under development lay prostrate seeking for their attention. We have watched all trends with keen interest and serious concern.our fears and concern are the elite queuing up again of some of these sinners of development.     .

It’s a pity that Nigeria is made up of different political parties whose political aspirant are so ashamed of the media and too shy to engaged with in health political debate with, how they would impact  positively  if voted into office.

From 1999 till this very moment Apa-Agatu constutency is yet to witness dividends of democracy and all these is as a result of wrong selection. And the concern and fear of the association of concern apa-agatu youths forum ( ACAAY) and many other constituents.

Arise from obvious fact of total negligence of the past Representatives members once they win election still baffles “ACAAY”.

From the foregoing, the group is therefore of the view that for the electoral process to be devoid of money sharing by these dubious politicians who cannot know how to go about the process or steps involves in law making, concrete steps should be taken to address these issues-based ideology, credible politicians who should aspire to this public office should come with an intention of serving the people rather than their for their selfish ambition. Hence it is our unequivocal view that a salient issue that bothers on development should precedence over selfish gain.

Aspiring politicians must not allow themselves to be guided by religion, sectionalism etc and issues that would plunge our collective constituency into obscurity thereby reducing Apa-agatu federal constituency to a laughing stuck.

The voters must as a matter of importance vote inn men with more legal exposure or law making ideology not men fit to be in the swan farm.

Written by:

Comr. Paul Edoh Jnr

And Mark Uloko.

For: National Association of Concernd Apa-Agatu Youth Forum (ACAAY)


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