Female Motorist Threatens Taxi Driver With A Wheel Spanner

Here we have yet another road rage incident in South Africa.

This took place on William Nicol Drive in Johannesburg. The video shows a female motorist threatening a taxi driver with a wheel spanner.

As if I haven’t said it enough… road rage is not worth it! Chill the hell out.

Here are the details of the incident and how the road rage began: The lady driving the pilot was cut off at a previous intersection by the taxi driver, he opened his door in order to prevent her from passing by. She then drove extremely aggressive to get ahead of the taxi and once we reached this robot, the lady got out of her vehicle and proceeded to open the boot of her vehicle and grab a “Wheel Spanner”, she then started walking towards the taxi, closely followed by a man that also got out of the Polo.

This lady threatened the Taxi driver with the weapon and a scuffle started between the three of them. This was short lived as a JMPD vehicle pulled alongside the Polo and announced its presence with with lights and sirens.

The three of them separated and went back to their vehicles, but only after a couple of heated words were thrown in to get the last blow!



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