The Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State is as said by a popular maxim: “that life begins at 40”, set to really start a new phase of meaningful, epoch impact making and unequivocally standard oriented impartation of KNOWLEDGE in all spheres of the disciplines and professions within the purview of her mandate.

July 27 some FORTY years ago, one Mr. Banjo Olatona, later Chief Banji Olatona and now of blessed memory arrived the shores of BIDA with an INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING PACKAGED IN A FILE IN HIS BAG. He was warmly received by HRH, ALH. (DR.) UMARU SANDA,ETSU NUPE, Baagandozhi!, now of blessed memory to the legendary Capital City of the NUPE KINGDOM. This arrival announced the relocation of the hitherto KANO COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY to BIDA. And therefrom, BIDA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY became the name of the Institution. B. C. T as the Institution was then known and called was housed in Two Blocks of Building at EYAGI TECHNICAL COLLEGE, BIDA. It later had to move to a more spacious facility at NDAYAKO PRIMARY SCHOOL, BIDA to occupy the structural facilities earlier used by the Federal Government Girls’ College, Bida that had moved to her Permanent Site along Bida – Lemu Road.

There is no doubt that this Institution has caught and indeed cut a niché for herself. The Institution began with a defined Philosophy and Standard. That BIDA STANDARD has become her HALLMARK NAME IS REAL,CONCRETE IN ITS CONTENT,CONTEXT AND PRODUCTS. And to say the least,the FETE she has earned for herself has remained incontestable. Indeed, she is One Polytechnic amongst Equals that has continued to be the BEST among EQUALS.

THE FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC, BIDA,NIGER STATE as it became known by Law and remains till date is by July 27,2017 FORTY YEARS OLD. THIS no doubt calls for celebration. The Management of the Institution under the leadership of DR. ABUBAKAR A.DZUKOGI had desired that a Convocation Ceremony be handy to celebrate yet another phase in the life of this Institution, borrowing from the belief that life begins at 40. Alas! The ravaging unfortunate economic recession wouldn’t allow for even a mild celebration of the 40th Anniversary and the proposed Convocation.

Nevertheless, the Management after due consultation with the leadership of the Governing Council of the Polytechnic approved that a Mosque and Church Service should respectively conducted to thank God Almighty for allowing the Institution and her Concerns to see the 40th year of her existence and to ask of God,better years, developments and uplifting for the Institution. This of course, has along with it, scheduled Novelty Match between a selected Team of the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION and one from the Management of the Institution.

Suffice to mention also that the frantic efforts of some individual Old Students of the Institution has caught attention of a number of well meaning individuals who have also continued to call for the formal convocation of a formidable ALUMNI ASSOCIATION for the Institution. Certainly, the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION has been managed by Volunteers over the years. According to the immediate past Caretaker Committee Secretary of the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, Chief Ogunleye,( A Pioneer Student – 1977), the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION has actually not be too functional as one would desire. He acknowledged the efforts of individuals who had worked tirelessly for the Association but submits that the need to get more COMMITTED IS BUT NOW THAT THE LIFE OF THE INSTITUTION AT FORTY IS THE BEGINNING or better still, the beginning of a better phase.

He informed the teeming population that turned up to watch the NOVELTY MATCH PLAYED ON FRIDAY, JULY 28,2017 that the immediate past Interim National Exco was dissolved at a meeting held here in BIDA by February,2017. And that a new CARETAKER COMMITTEE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF Koce Henry Diko WAS PUT IN PLACE TO WITHIN ONE YEAR GET THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION FUNCTIONAL.

Accordingly, it was part of the mandate of the Caretaker Committee to meet the Management of the Institution and ask to be accommodated in the likely to be scheduled programme of Events for the proposed Convocation and 40th Year Anniversary. The Caretaker Committee, he went further to say, is amongst other things to ensure that:
1. A Revised Viable and Operational Constitution is produced for the Association.
2. Elections are called and conducted for the National and Chapters.
3. Validate Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission as the ONLY REGISTRATION DOCUMENT THEY INHERITED IS A PHOTOCOPY OF THE CERTIFICATE FROM CAC.

Chief Ogunleye went further to say that non of the Volunteers who worked tirelessly for the Association has been able to say precisely who is in custody of the ORIGINAL COPY OF THE CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION and that the need to have it reissued, replaced or whatever has become imperative.

Mr Cyril Eyop, the current Caretaker Committee’s Public Relations Officer while reading out the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION’s program of Events said that:
1. Novelty Match is scheduled for Friday.
2. Lecture to be delivered by a one time Rector and Chief Executive of the Institution, Alh. Ibrahim Shamaki is for Saturday as well as Dinner for Awards and Official Launching for the same day.

He used the same medium to call on all members of the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION to close ranks to ensure a wonderful beginning of better things for the Association and the Institution. To this end, he requested that all are invited to be part of the epoch making Event of the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.

That THE FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC, BIDA, NIGER STATE HAS COME OF AGE IS INCONTESTABLE. THAT BIDA STANDARD IS KEY TO UNLOCK ANY CLOSED DOOR IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. I am proud to be associated with this Institution and Association even as I wish all the very best.
Pita Kolo (29/7/17)

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