Esan youth movement condemn the killing in Ewu by Fulani Herdsmen

A pressure group known as Esan Youth Movement has condemned the unending extrajudicial killings of innocent people in some parts of the country, by Fulani herdsmen, reprimanding the APC-led Federal Government for its silence over the killings.
It made the condemnation in a press statement signed by National President of the group: Mr. Kingsley Ohens.  The group explained that one of the overriding on uses of the Nigeria Police and the Nigeria Army under the Federal Government is to protect lives and properties of its citizens from external and internal attacks; fortify the country for infrastructural and economic development as well as growth. However, the group regretted that what is obtainable under the government is nothing but a mirage and total fallout of the normalcy.
It said that “every well-meaning Nigerian should begin to query why the Federal Government, under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari that promised change and sanctuary of territorial integrity, has maintained stillness on the continuous massacres of innocent Nigerians by Fulani herdsmen and the source of their gunroom.”
The group Stated that some Fulani herdsmen raped and killed two women in their farm, in Ewu Kingdom, Esan Central local Government Area of Edo State without a genuine intervention by the security contraption,” the group lamented.
It added that “the bothersome aspect is the fact that Nigerian police has failed to arrest or parade any of the killers before a court of competent jurisdiction to serve as a deterrent to others, but technically defending the awful orchestrations by paying them stipend; deceiving Nigerians that the sects are from neighbouring Countries.”
The pressure group also recalled “the one-sided role played by Nigeria Army in Ewu was to shot an Innocent man on the leg, in same vain Police in the Ewu Kingdom crisis that erupted between the Ewu Youth, the Fulani, Nigeria Army and the Police, saying it is another indication of weakness and professional gaffe on the part of the Federal Government that should be a custodian of law and justice.”
It said: “We are made to understand that  the host (Ewu Youth) who went out on a protest against the murder of the mothers, and the visitors (Fulanis) engaged themselves but to our surprise, only the Ewu were victimized by the Nigeria Army and police.
While saying that the Nigerian government, under the leadership of President Buhari, should ask the Nigeria Army and Police to wake up to it’s responsibility of securing lives and properties of its citizens, Esan Youth Movement demands that the Federal Government should be responsive and liable to its responsibilities; that the Presidency should condemn the incessant killings in strong terms; that the Nigerian Police should make public, the identities of those herdsmen that are killed the two women in Ewu and the police and Nigeria Army should produce the Army officer that shot the Ewu Youth on the leg.
The group finally admonished Non-Governmental Organisations, unpretentious activists, unswerving leaders, groups, and all well-meaning Nigerians, both in Edo Central, Edo State and the Country to set aside party affiliations and condemn the herdsmen mayhem in our local, State and Country before it reprobates to a deadly reprisal and self-defence, which is likely to distress our Co-existence and unity as a nation.

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