Ekpoma community protests against BEDC over outrageous billing

Okada ridders, market women and other concerned people in Ekpoma community in Edo State have come out in mass to protest the outrageous bill by the Benin Electricity DisCo (BEDC).

Protesters against BEDC
Protesters against BEDC








One of the protesters, Mr. Peter Isekhile who spoke on behave of the community  said the community was tired of the company issuing bill based on house size and perceived ability to pay.

The protesters said they want the company to stop issuing bill without metres, and houses without metres must be allowed to pay N1000 monthly pending when the metre is issued to them.

The aggrieved consumers accused the BEDC of using excessive force: The police, soldiers during disconnection even though there is no power to begin with.

“We don’t want estimated billing, prepared meters should be given to house, so you can buy card and use your actual consumption

“No use of the police and army for disconnections, Since last year, the move around houses with two vans, one carry the BEDC staffs, the second van for police,civil defense, and army.

If prepared meters not provided, the houses in Ekpoma shall be paying 1000 monthly. No use of d police and army for disconnections.



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