Early detection of child birth complication will saves lives-Dr Hadiza


By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

Early detection and management of complications during birth will go a long way in saving the lives of mothers as well as new-born’s babies the Executive Secretary Kaduna State Primary Health Care Board Dr. Hadiza Balarabe has said.

‘’ Birth preparedness and complication readiness is part of the health talks during our ANC. The state has invested in training HCW on early detection of possible complications and appropriate referral, where necessary is a key intervention adding, providing care for mothers in pain, with infection, excessive bleeding and post natal nutrition is an integral part of care given to mothers.

Dr. Hadiza stated this at a press briefing recently in Kaduna said,’’Educating women on nutrition is an intervention taken passionately by this government. Her Excellency has championed KADENAP and has been promoting IYCF and CMAM, establishing new OTP and SC sites. She has initiated and ensured that TOT was done for 70 IYCF and CMAM trainers. She has asked for an office to be created and staffed for the purpose of tackling malnutrition issues affecting women and children in the Kaduna state.

‘’Immunization against HPV is being advocated for adolescents. Disease prevention methods especially STIs and HIV are being promoted to ensure a healthy generation of mothers and new-borns.

‘’According to a statistics, less than 10% of government hospitals have youth friendly corners. Advocacy on the need for youth friendly centres have been going on. Even now, I want to call on communities and partners to key into this intervention strategy as a way of engaging the youth to have access to information and interventions targeted for them.

‘’She said, ‘’Attention was also drawn to creating an enabling environment, enhancing gender equality, equity and empowerment of women. It also gave priority in promoting reproductive health, including family planning, sexual health and reproductive rights. The primary goal of safe motherhood is to ensure good health for the mother and her offspring,’’ She maintained.

’’One of the most important measures of making child birth safe is delivery by a qualified and skilled birth attendant stressing  that, state and partners have engaged in training even the TBAs to recognize danger signs prenatally and labour and have also been trained on referral methods.‘’Dr.  Hadiza added.

She disclosed that, ‘’Anemia, is a common problem among young girls and women in Kaduna state. Pregnant women are given Iron and Folic acid free, especially during the MNCHW in order to promote healthy pregnancy and delivery outcome.

According to her,’’ there is a serious sensitization for Women to be educated on nutrition during pregnancy and importance of breastfeeding. This is done routinely in the ANC. For the first time in Kaduna State, Family planning has a budget line (of over 100Million) Naira to safe methods of child. spacing and the necessary commodities are provided free in almost all the facilities in the state. This worthy investment is all geared to ‘saving mothers and babies’’.

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