Despite migrant Crisis, Nigerians are Jostling to travel to US everyday –Research

Worrisome about the news around the world that the Nigerians are trying to struggle outside of Nigeria for greener pasture despite the risks involved, things as gradually becoming worst. Conscience Radio visitation to United State of America (USA)  Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria  in the recent time reveals that Nigerians are seriously eager to leave this Country for greener pasture.

At the road leading to the entrance of the Embassy, there were many benches and chairs commercially rented out for Visa applicant and their friends and family that come around to join them while they go for the interview.

Conscience Radio makes enquire on what is the basic requirement to overcome interview and get Visa after payment of $180 equivalent to Fifty four thousand Nigeria Currency (N54,000) non refundable many people who sat with us said is Ori (Head), another person said that it is God intervention, while somebody said that it is just a divine luck. When we look around us, all was littered with many people praying, speaking in tongues and also those who will come with African mechanism just to get Visa to the US. One of the people that sat behind our research officer said “this is the second time and many of his Friends are also there today to try their luck again”. Another young man there said to us that “ Two of my brother are there,( bros nothing for this 9ja, no job after graduation but if you go to US anyhow any how you go get something to feed yourself but for 9ja unba me they go bro anyhow I go get this Visa to commot for 9ija)”.


Another observation was that many unemployed youth around Abuja use the opportunity of daily present of people struggling to get Visa to make money, for instance, if you sit on a chair you will pay one hundred naira (N100) and also if they help you to arrange your documents and stapled it, you can be charged depending on your appearance.


But with two days experience of visitation one can get handwritten on the wall that only 2 out of twenty get the Visa not necessary to pass interview but the staffs at the embassy know their basic requirement which nobody can know. But it is a crystal clear that if you are above fifty years of age is possible you get the visa. Many of the jubilant after interview on those two days appear to be middle age women and men. Many young people below the age of fifty may not be allowed, only students that are admitted in the school with payment details of their school fees and accommodation may break-through or people with invites from friends and those that have family that have Green card.

We will keep our eye on it to see what Donald Trump development will bring.





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