Desperate cheating husband begs Instagram to delete angry girlfriend’s confession

A married man is currently on his knees, pleading with a social media relationship page to take down his girlfriend’s post.

From the girlfriend’s post on Instagram page, Break or Makeup, the girlfriend had taunted the wife of her married boyfriend, insisting that she was the man’s lover before he met and married the other woman.

Stating that she was at their wedding, the irate girlfriend revealed that while other guests were busy praying for the success of the new marriage, she was actually cursing, asking the gods to ensure that the marriage hit the rocks in record time.

Her prayers seem to have been answered, as the newly married man/her former lover soon retraced his way back to her after a fight with his new bride.

The girlfriend said she did not only cook bitter leaf soup for the man, she also had sex with him.

However, the man, who seems to have regretted his action, has invaded the relationship site, begging the administrators to put down his girlfriend’s post.

He claims to still love his wife, but the administrators would have none of that, and went ahead to further post his plea.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend has started another round of prayers, asking the gods to make her conceive so that even if the man refuses to marry her, she would at least be a ‘baby mama.’

See her post

And the cheating husband’s plea:

This is the wife’s rejoinder to the girlfriend’s post:

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